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How to Set Default Character Token Size

There are six character tokens in my game. Five of them always come in with a default pixel size of 35x35 when I drag/drop them onto the map. One of them always comes in with 70x70 pixels. I can't find where/how that is set so that the default would always be 35x35. Where can I find and set that default? Thanks, Paul Alter
Forum Champion
This probably occurred because their default tokens were set up on a page where the grid size was set to .5 and you normally play with a grid size of 1 (or vice versa). Create a map with your most commonly used grid settings. Drag the character tokens onto them. Get them sized and set up just how you want them. Open and edit the character sheets, and replace the existing default tokens with these corrected ones. They should all drag out identically now.
That's it - thank you!