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Improved measurement tool for circles


Edited 1555878104
we need an improved measurement tool for measuring circles, it should not be too hard to implement a simple circle ruler when holding shift or something, i made a quick mockup un photoshop (click it to view animation)
Mats S.
Marketplace Creator
This looks REALLY useful! Devs, get on it! :D
Sheet Author
Little known trick is that you can hold ALT and SHIFT to draw circles that are snapped to the grid. This makes drawing small circles easy, but large circles kind of a pain. I love that as you draw you can see the measurement size, that makes all the difference. +1
Oh yes, this would be so usefull. Even better than tokens with auras on them because the screen would be much cleaner for the DM!
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
API Scripter
+1 to get this little gem to that magic 10 vote threshold :)
Good News! We've just released the new Measure Tool. You can read and post about it on the Announcement Thread:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> . I'm closing this to refund all votes for you to spend in other places. Thank you to everyone who has given feedback about this. Your time and attention has helped us back the tool better for everyone. Thank you!