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Cypher System Character sheet

Hey guys. How do you make a character sheet in roll20? Im trying to start Cypher System game called Unmasked, and I can see, that there are already other Cypher sheets in roll20, so how can I use/make this sheet?
Scott C.
Sheet Author
API Scripter
Custom character sheets are a pro subscription perk and are made using HTML, CSS, and a subset of Javascript colloquially known as sheetworkers. Most of the character sheets available to the community are made by dedicated and amazing community members who devote their free time to providing these sheets. You can drop by the sheet request thread to see if someone would be willing to make a sheet for this system, although you can probably use the Cypher by Roll20 sheet; it isn't styled for the unmasked game but can certainly handle all the cypher system rules just fine.
Roll20 Production Team
Sheet Author
API Scripter
What Scott said. I don't really know Unmasked, I must sayn but using the Cypher Systems by Roll20 sheet, you could create 2 characters for each player: one to handle the teen form, and another one to handle the superhero form of the PC.