Greetings!  This morning, we made a significant infrastructure update to the code libraries. There may be some places where the raw HTML is served instead of formatted text; we are working to fix these, and you can report them in this thread . Additionally, we made the following changes: Token bars now have a compact mode options. In the token settings, you can select "Compact" which displays the token bars as narrow. When this option is selected, the text overlay will always be set to "Hidden." Fixed an issue in which the text overlay default settings were not being honored for new tokens. New Tabletop Audio tracks have been added ( Cistern,  RMS Titanic,  Quiet Cove,  Fishing Village,  Neon Drive,  The Feywild,  The Underdark,  Cry Havoc ). D&D 5e by Roll20 Sheet: Selecting the Druid class (and other classes) from the drop-down correctly sets the saving throws and spellcasting ability. If you haven't  read the road map , check it out here. Looking for previous release notes?  Read the full list on the wiki , or check out the  most recent note .