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More detailed game scheduling.

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Expand the Calendar section on the game page to allow scheduling of multiple games in advanced or to allow a recurring weekly game.  This would replace the current Next Game Will Be  system. Bonus: The function for players to block out their availability on the Calendar. This would facilitate easier scheduling.  
I could see something similar to my college online scheduler being useful.  It shows two weeks ahead, in a calander form, with my classes blocked out and the option to add items like "study group", etc..  Also may be useful to add a "check-in list" of players in a particular game.  As players become sure of their attendance they could check the box.  
I end up having to use other social media for this and would like something that makes that sort of communication better on this site
+1 I'm using Google Calendar to schedule now, but having a more robust scheduling system in house would be welcome.
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yes please help organize game times less herding
B Simon Smith
Marketplace Creator
I have so many votes unspent, but this definitely deserves one.
I'd definitely like this sort of thing. The weekly recurring game's can already kind of be done, since the "schedule game" button automatically sets it to the next date at the same time, but you still have to press the button.
A scheduling calendar is one of those small but must have features for the winner in the virtual tabletop market.