Greetings! This week, we pushed out a few hotfixes to correct the following issues: API scripts were not being found due to a UTF-8 encoding error. (Fixed yesterday) If you selected multiple tokens that were controlled by a player and tried to delete them, only one token deleted at a time. (Fixed today)  ( Rolled back on June 6 ) Tokens that are controlled by a player could not be moved forward or back relative to other tokens.  (Fixed today) ( Rolled back on June 6 ) Please note how tokens move to the front and back has changed:    ( Rolled back on June 6 ) Any token or object that does not have "Controlled by" player, either from a character sheet or in the token settings, will always be behind tokens that have a "Controlled by" setting. This is to make it possible for any token you control to remain above the fog of war layer, so you can always see your own token and its token bars, status icons, and name plate. These objects can be moved forward and backwards relative to each other. Any token or object that does have a "Controlled by" player will always be in front of non-controlled tokens. You can move them forward and back relative to each other through the right-click menu if you control them (so the GM can move them forward and back, and players can move the ones they control). By default, they will be displayed with the most recently-placed token on top. For GMs: If you need a token that is not controlled by any player to be on top, you can set it to being specifically controlled by the GM. You will then be able to move it above or below other controlled tokens. Token ordering (forward, back, etc.) on the map and GM layers are no longer affected by the front-back. The GM can move objects forward and back, whether they are controlled by a player or not.  (Fixed today)  ( Rolled back on June 6 ) Fixed an issue where the tutorial would not load. (Fixed on June 8) Thanks to everyone who reported these issues quickly, so we could address them. The wiki will be updated this week to address the changes to tokens. If you haven't  read the road map , check it out. Looking for previous release notes?  Read the full list on the wiki , or check out the  most recent note .