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iOS - Navigation Bar Non-Functional


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Detailed description of the problem The navigation bar at the top of every page, which includes your profile, alerts and links to every aspect of the website ( links that cannot be found anywhere else ) is completely non-functional on iOS, making it impossible for users to navigate the website to remotely check private messages/ forum threads away from their PC. Obviously the roll 20 map system is unsupported on iOS but this is basic website functionality here, people. It used to work fine before the fancy dropdowns were added however many years ago. Minimum number of steps to reproduce the problem Open the website in firefox/ safari, try to use the tool bar to navigate from the home page. You won't be able to. Description of setup Firefox v 14.0 No Addons iOS 10.3.3 Bug Triage Results Step 1 - Checked, neither platform works Step 2 - Checked, still non-functional Step 3 - Checked, still non-functional Step 4 - N/A, can't grab console logs from the mobile browser (and wouldn't be able to post them if I could because, as said, the website is non-functional)

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Andrew R.
Sheet Author
I’m using iOS on iPad Pro 10.5” to post this and I can’t replicate your problem. I don’t get the navigation bar at all, only on my desktop. I get a Menu with links to each section My Games … Blog.  Perhaps you have your browser set to desktop mode? Chrome 75.0.3770.70 iOS 12.3.1
All of the links needed to navigate the site are in the menu dropdown but the menu dropdown does not work and neither do any of the other buttons. I'm not sure what you mean by desktop mode, but requesting the desktop/ mobile site makes no difference. I did notice that pressing the menu button changes the url to include a # symbol, but there is no other difference. I'm not using the lastest versions of the browsers which I guess might be causing the issue because I don't have the latest iPhone. There are many other wierd problems with the forums I am having: formatting is stripped, post timestamps are strings of numbers and this textbox that I am typing into is two lines of text tall and about 28 characters wide. I have managed to navigate to this post by manually inputting the url into my firefox iOS browser.
Dragon Dreamer
Roll20 Mod Team
Hello Ishi, I am sorry to hear that you have encountered this issue.  I have passed your information along to the devs. We hope to have more information for you soon. Thanks.
Roll20 Team
Hi Ishi, Could you attempt making a temporary second account and check if the behavior persists there as well?

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API Scripter
That looks very similar to the experience I have at home... depending on which iPad I use. We have a very old iPad 3 that does not recognize menus, misdraws text input boxes, and returns a raw time string instead of the adjusted local time. None of these things happen on our newer iPad. The iPad model might be helpful. I noticed that the OS is about two years out of date from Andrew's, which might be an age indicator.
I use the iPhone 5. I am posting from my PC while exploring with my phone. This is the home page for this new account. Same problems, the menu drop down does not work, neither does the alerts bell, the PM button or the profile button. Further, the create new game and join new game buttons are broken and the blog posts that display further down do not load. I have tested in portrait and landscape orientation in case there was a problem with the screen not being wide enough but that didn't seem to help. The newsletter button is also broken. All the hyperlinks work, the marketplace buttons work and clicking the roll20 logo still works. I can use the view all games button to navigate to the lfg listings but creating a new game is impossible. You can see in the address bar the # symbol that gets added after trying to click on the navigation bar. This is all just new stuff I tested in case it would help at all so you shouldn't think making a new account made it worse or something.The forums have the same display problems too with dates being strings of numbers and formatting being stripped.
Roll20 Team
Thank you for that Ishi, Do be aware that, at this time, our site is not optimized for use on smartphones which may explain some of the issues. That said, I will still be looking to bring this up to our mobile developer as it may be a versioning issue. Unfortunately, testing for older versions is made much more complicated due to apple refusing to sign verification for older version installs within a few weeks after a new release. If you can, do you still have this issue on newer tablets? Sorry for the trouble!