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Tablet edition tabletop issue pls help

So my issue with this is about a week ago everything worked fine, now whenever I load into a game as a player or DM I am unable to interact with the tabletop at all, I can interact with chat, toolbar, ect. Just not the tabletop itself. Not sure what to do because I am using chrome and I cleared my cache. Just a reminder im on tablet, any help would be greatly appreciated ty.
Hello Joe G., I am sorry to hear that you have encountered this issue on your tablet. To be able to provide assistance, please provide us the following information: Name of the campaign this issue is happening in. Device details (model, OS, etc..) Does this happen in only one campaign? If you create a new campaign, does it happen there? Does the issue persist using Firefox? Thank you in advance for this information!
Fantasy Blender for the name. Its a samsung tab A No this started happening in all games Issue does persist No I havent used firefox 
Hello Joe G., Thank you for that information.  Can you please verify if the issue persists in Firefox? As soon as we receive this information, we will be able to provide additional assistance. Thanks!
Actually i just needed to update my tablet nvm thank you for your help anyway. Lol