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Confusing macro challenge

for my current campaign i'm attempting to create a macro to streamline a major world mechanic. the macro needs to 1. take a selected token attribute 2. select an operation from a list based upon the value of the attribute 3. give a text response if the roll meets a certain value. While I can figure out #1 & 3 somewhat well. I'm unsure of how to achieve #2

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Could you give some examples of complete equations with a description of what does/did what? It feels doable on the surface...

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essentially select token attribute (for this case lets say it has a value of 2) From a list it selects the operation performed based on the value if Attribute =1 perform /roll 1d100. if result is <14 print "message" if Attribute =2 perform /roll 1d100. if result is <24 print "message" not really sure myself what the equations would need to look like.

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Granted now that i think about it, essentially i just need to string along a bunch of if/then statements edit: after a bit more digging it appears that what i need is a script not a macro. thank you for the help though.

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You cant do if/then statements in roll20 macros. There might not be any way to do your step #2 without the API (a Pro subscriber perk.) There might  be a way using complex nested menus, but that way lies madness. If anyone can do it, Ziechael can, but you'd need to be very specific about the requirements. Don't be vague: say exactly what the attributes are, and exactly what the conditionals are. The more information you give, the better.

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specifically it would be using a new attribute that for simplicity of repetition has been named ocv. for each value of ocv between 1-50 a different formula is executed, granted every formula is the same d100 roll with a gradually higher roll fail check . Yes, now that i look around it would be doable with nesting menus but each value would have to be its own button to call a different formula. I'm sorry for any confusion regarding this question, but while i have some rudimentary programming knowledge I'm a novice at programming macros in roll20. At the moment I'm mainly just figuring out what operations are possible with macros.
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The the formula is the same with a gradually higher roll fail check, it might be possible to do it without a nesting macro. Without knowing the EXACT numbers, and the specific messages you want outputting, there's no way to know.
i could think of solutions with a ton of rollable tables... but as gigs said: please be more specific. :)