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[WOTC] Acquisitions Incorporated Bug Thread

Roll20 Team
Thank you for purchasing Acquisitions Incorporated!  Quick Guide Accessing your content Addon The  Acquisitions Incorporated  adventure is included as an  addon . This content package is available via a dropdown menu in the Game Addons section of the  Game Details Page . Select the Acquisitions Incorporated Adventure Addon and click on the blue  Add to Game  button beside the drop down menu. Compendium You can access the Acquisitions Incorporated book content in the  in-app compendium , as well as on the  Roll20 web compendium . Art Pack You can access the Character Art Pack under the Premium Assets section of the Art Library in-app. These assets are only available for in-app use. Which Character Sheet should I use? All Wizards of the Coast licensed content on Roll20 uses the Dungeons & Dragons by Roll20 sheet. Bug Reporting Guide To help us find the best solution to any issues that may occur with your purchased content, please fill out as many of the following as are applicable when making a report: A short, detailed description of the problem What is the issue, How is it affecting your game, What is happening, What should happen? Clear and concise information is the most helpful in seeking out solutions Copy-paste any error codes received Include screenshots of the issue 

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How do I add the new company roles to a character? I cannot seem to access that in the in-game compendium, although I can access the new backgrounds. In fact, I cannot seem to access any AI material in-game, only from the external compendium. I would like to show characters certain pages. (Edit) I figured out how to access it through the in-game compendium, but is there a way to easily add the company roles to their character sheets? A drag and drop or charactermancer option would be ideal
Roll20 Team
Hi Lloydski - Company Roles are not Charactermancer or Drag and Drop supported as they level up off the Franchise, not the character. Also, the search should be available now - Let me know if you have any issues! :)
Thanks Trivia!  I wish they would be drag and drop - it would save me a ton of time but no worries. I appreciate the answer!
The Wedding Itinerary says one of the Vaults (holding the wedding gifts) in the Horn Enclave should have an X on it...Which Vault is that? The text says it is one of the double vaults. The location of thesingle vault called the Orrery Vault is described as immediately Northeast of that Vault. Which one is that one then?
Roll20 Team
EvilMeanBadGuy - Thanks for the report! We'll get that fixed in the first patch. For reference, its here:
Danke! Very helpful..
Not a bug with the Compendium, but in the ToC the link to Prophetess Dran is actually Portentia's link. Accidental double-copy?
Roll20 Team
Thanks for catching that Matt R.! We'll get that fixed. She may be retired, but we're pretty sure she would object to Portentia being linked instead.
Roll20 Team
Hi all, closing this thread! Please see the Wizards of the Coast Bug Report Megathread for any further issues!