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Player Avatar Bug Report Thread


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Stephanie B.
Roll20 Team
This is the official feedback thread for the new Player Avatar feature , where you can change which character you are "speaking as" and have your player avatar change to match. Known Issues (July 2, 2019): Animated avatars do not appear in the chat log when changing to "Speaking As." Changing "Speaking As" when the chat window is popped out does not change the avatar. If you are a GM and "Rejoin as Player," the option to disable avatars is visible, but does not function.
Phillip G.
Sheet Author
I was wondering if there is a way to change your "As" option through text/code. When the GM gets a very full campaign, the number of options cause the drop down menu to require a great deal of scrolling. If there was a text/code option that could be entered, a GM could create a macro to set his "As" much more quickly. I have reviewed the wiki and see that /as will allow the GM to speak as anything they care to type in, but this will not change their avatar image. Thanks for any information. I am really loving this new feature, because it saves me from wanting to change my avatar for every game I play in.
Stephanie B.
Roll20 Team
Over in the initial thread on the Pro forum, The Aaron posted a short API script for switching characters using the API. Have you checked that out?
Forum Champion
The API changes the avatar correctly, but does not change the "speaking as" drop down, nor the name in chat.
Stephanie B.
Roll20 Team
Good morning! This morning we fixed the following two issues with player avatars: Animated avatars now appear in the chat log when changing to "Speaking As." Changing "Speaking As" when the chat window is popped out now changes the avatar. You can read about these and other changes in this morning's release note .
Is it a bug or a feature that we have to set the speaking as everytime we log in? I would like the game to remember my last speaking as, because they never change. But as is I have to set it up new every gameday. 
Roll20 Team
Hey Danii, It is intentional that you have to set the Speaking As every time you log in. We want to help prevent any accidental clicks that can occur when exiting a game or game prep, things that could spoil twists or NPC reveals. Someone unfamiliar with the chat interface or this feature specifically could change it unwittingly and it would be difficult to undo. That being said, we'll keep an eye out for further feedback on saving the avatar state.
Two little hints: a search form or Auto Complete feature would be helpful, and the manual avatar should overwrite the video. We use Roll20 with webcam: So a quick jump to the static character image would be cool.
Just for clarification .. i can switch between difference avatar(s), but i did not overwrite the video? Right? So if i use video broadcasting it didn't work?
Roll20 Team
If you set your broadcast and receive settings in game to Voice Only, your Speaking As avatar should change the same way it would if you were using text-only. That way you can still talk with one another, but see the character instead. You can also broadcast video and voice, but only receive voice which would show the other players' avatars (and any avatar changes) on your screen and still allow them to see your video. If you set your broadcast to voice only, that will have your avatar showing instead of video, regardless of the other players' options. Does any of this help with what you're hoping to accomplish?

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The easiest way I think would be that the selection of another character would overwrite the cam settings. Anything else is a too complex action... At least in my case. But I like this feature - and will give it a try! I really like it.
Hi Bunny,  thanks for the answer.  Would it be possible to get an option to toggle whether the speaking as is saved on exit?