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How to use coupon codes?

Hello! I'd like to support Roll20 and make some digital purchases...mostly to expand the monsters available to me in the compendium. I stumbled on some purported coupon codes, like X% off if you spend Y total amount...but I'm not sure how to actually use them. Since there is no cart to accumulate my purchases, how do I apply these types of coupon codes? Or are these types of codes not legitimate? I'd really like to support Roll20, but if I'm looking at spending potentially $200+ on a bunch of source books, I'd really prefer to do it during a promotion or with a coupon...especially since I already own the physical books AND own them on D&D Beyond (not that I want to rehash that age-old debate, but paying for the same thing in 3+ mediums is getting tiresome).
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Maybe here?&nbsp;&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> I've not heard of coupons on Roll20 Marketplace, so I guess this is new?
Yeah, I did see that, but it doesn't match the format for the coupon. I'm going to assume the coupon codes are not legitimate. I just found them by Googling...which generally works for many sites. It doesn't seem like Roll20 actually supports this though. C'est la vie. Thanks for the help (again)!
Cool thanks for posting.
No, that coupon code is not valid. Roll20 has clearly and repeatedly stated that they will never, under any circumstances, ever offer any kind of sale on any of their marketplace products because it would devalue the work their artists produce.