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[Help] Custom Status Marker script

All of a sudden, every marker generated by the Custom Status Marker script appears behind the token, not in front of it. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?
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This is doubtless caused by the new z-order settings on tokens. The only solution would be to edit the script to give control of the status marker token to the player in question. You can report it in the appropriate feedback thread , but I doubt Roll20 will want to alter their functionality to meet the needs of a third party script. You can also try contacting the script author (from the github page): If you experience any issues while using this script or the trap themes, need help using it, or if you have a neat suggestion for a new feature, please shoot me a PM or create a help thread on the Roll20 API forum
Thanks, Keith!
Stephen L.
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Yeah, this is definitely caused by the new z-ordering algorithms used by Roll20. I'll try to make a fix to the script sometime soon that gives control of the icon tokens to the character's player (which should z-order it correctly for them). As a work-around for now, you can configure the script from its chat menu to align the icons above character tokens instead of ontop of them. 
Thank you!