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White Wolf Sheets for World of Darkness

I realize looking around for sheets for anything White Wolf is a near impossible task, as they have hundreds of variations for everything, but I'm wondering what we can do to get a single character sheet that can fit all WoD sheets into, i.e. have the Vampire the Masquerade, Mage Ascension, Werewolf, Changeling, etc., all in one comprehensive sheet. I don't want my players to be playing a Nosferatu and picking up Werewolf disciplines or anything, but I'd like to run a game where we have the Camarilla, Sabbat, Werewolf tribes, Giovanni, Fae Realm, all in one R20 game.  Reasons for looking for this is because the game I currently run is set in a Camarilla city surrounded by Anarch or Independent territory, in a Northern Ontario city surrounded again by Werewolf territory, a Hermetic Order about an hour south, and a lot of Fae activity. Switching between the four Roll20 games so I can view character sheets is a real inconvenience.

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Richard T.
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Oof, mixing owod lines?  Is there a reason why the Classic World of Darkness by Raymond H sheet doesn't work? From the description it includes Revised Vampire Werewolf Demon Mummy Mage Hunter Theres a Settings button in the top left that allows you to switch the information on the sheet which can be player-specific. 
That particular sheet has incorrect skills and the dice roller doesn't work, iirc. There was work on a unified sheet for the 20th anniversary editions but I don't know what the progress is with that.
Been looking around and played with what's available, but I can confirm at the very least dice roller doesn't work for the Classic WoD sheets. It gave the group such a headache, we switched over to the old rock-paper-scissors system for LARP, using something we found on Google. Skills and such, I've been modifying the players sheets by hand adding in what I need, but some are starting to look kinda messy.