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Organising Macro Shortcuts / Tips ?


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Hello Friends, This is a general question regarding macro shortcuts. Some of my players are spell casters, and I'd like to find a way to put all their spells macros into token actions or shortcuts. But there are just too many.  Is there any way (with a script or whatever) to create some kind of dropdown menu or something where I can put all these shortcuts ? Note : These macros would use Powercard + Alterbars. Thanks in advance !

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You can check out my chat menu script:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Make sure to read Keith Curtis's posts, he includes several example setups.
Hey Gigs ! Thanks for your reply, but is this compatible with powercard macros ? Because all of my spell macros are made using this script. Thanks !
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The script is primarily meant to pull predefined buttons from a character sheet, and organise them in menus. I dont think it'll work with powercard scripts. You can check out the post that originally inspired this scrip, Keith's Chat Menu post in Stupid Tricks , which shows how to build your own menus. You can definitely do that with power cards.

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I don't know what system you are running, but I have found it nice to make a spell macro character for each caster type.&nbsp; I then use the chat menu trick that GiGs posted to create a chat menu for the entire spell list.&nbsp; If the list is too big, I break it down by levels or maybe a few levels together.&nbsp; Then, when someone makes a caster, I duplicate the sheet I already have set up, and just need to edit the chat menu to reflect the spell knowledge of their character.&nbsp; I also make the menu so it whispers to the player so no one else has to see it.&nbsp; This definitely takes some time, but is worth it because you can then link enemy caster tokens to your macro sheet if you wish. Here is an example from the wizard sheet in my games.&nbsp; The 3 that show as token actions are just the chat menu ability macros. Edit: Depending on the roll template your sheet uses, you might have to have fairly compact lists if the chat buttons end up as the default big pink rectangles.&nbsp; You may end up having your end spell macros, a series of chat menus to call categories of spells, and maybe even a menu to call the other menus to cut your token action button number down.&nbsp; Sort of the one ring of menus.&nbsp; Hope you can get it all sorted out to your satisfaction!

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Check out the Powercards API....

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Hello, I use the atk template because the text is much smaller.&nbsp; If you have API access you can track which spells are prepared with the OGL Companion Script.&nbsp; Prepared spells will have a 1 next to them and unprepared have a 0. Here is what it looks like: Here is the code: /w @{character_name} @{selected|wtype}&amp;{template:atk} name=@{selected|character_name} Spells {{desc=Spell Save DC = @{spell_save_dc}+@{spell_attack_bonus} to hit with spell attacks **SPELL LIST:** **Cantrips** [@{Selected|repeating_spell-cantrip_$0_spellname}](~Selected|repeating_spell-cantrip_$0_spell) | [@{Selected|repeating_spell-cantrip_$1_spellname}](~Selected|repeating_spell-cantrip_$1_spell) | [@{Selected|repeating_spell-cantrip_$2_spellname}](~Selected|repeating_spell-cantrip_$2_spell) | [@{Selected|repeating_spell-cantrip_$3_spellname}](~Selected|repeating_spell-cantrip_$3_spell) | [@{Selected|repeating_spell-cantrip_$4_spellname}](~Selected|repeating_spell-cantrip_$4_spell) ** 1st Level ** [@{Selected|repeating_spell-1_$0_spellname}](~Selected|repeating_spell-1_$0_spell) [[@{repeating_spell-1_$0_spellprepared}]] | [@{Selected|repeating_spell-1_$1_spellname}](~Selected|repeating_spell-1_$1_spell) [[@{repeating_spell-1_$1_spellprepared}]] | [@{Selected|repeating_spell-1_$2_spellname}](~Selected|repeating_spell-1_$2_spell) [[@{repeating_spell-1_$2_spellprepared}]] | [@{Selected|repeating_spell-1_$3_spellname}](~Selected|repeating_spell-1_$3_spell) [[@{repeating_spell-1_$3_spellprepared}]] | [@{Selected|repeating_spell-1_$4_spellname}](~Selected|repeating_spell-1_$4_spell) [[@{repeating_spell-1_$4_spellprepared}]] | [@{Selected|repeating_spell-1_$5_spellname}](~Selected|repeating_spell-1_$5_spell) [[@{repeating_spell-1_$5_spellprepared}]] | [@{Selected|repeating_spell-1_$6_spellname}](~Selected|repeating_spell-1_$6_spell) [[@{repeating_spell-1_$6_spellprepared}]] | [@{Selected|repeating_spell-1_$7_spellname}](~Selected|repeating_spell-1_$7_spell) [[@{repeating_spell-1_$7_spellprepared}]] | [@{Selected|repeating_spell-1_$8_spellname}](~Selected|repeating_spell-1_$8_spell) [[@{repeating_spell-1_$8_spellprepared}]] | [@{Selected|repeating_spell-1_$9_spellname}](~Selected|repeating_spell-1_$9_spell) [[@{repeating_spell-1_$9_spellprepared}]] | [@{Selected|repeating_spell-1_$10_spellname}](~Selected|repeating_spell-1_$10_spell) [[@{repeating_spell-1_$10_spellprepared}]] | [@{Selected|repeating_spell-1_$11_spellname}](~Selected|repeating_spell-1_$11_spell) [[@{repeating_spell-1_$11_spellprepared}]] ** 2nd Level ** [@{Selected|repeating_spell-2_$0_spellname}](~Selected|repeating_spell-2_$0_spell) [[@{repeating_spell-2_$0_spellprepared}]] | [@{Selected|repeating_spell-2_$1_spellname}](~Selected|repeating_spell-2_$1_spell) [[@{repeating_spell-2_$1_spellprepared}]] | [@{Selected|repeating_spell-2_$2_spellname}](~Selected|repeating_spell-2_$2_spell) [[@{repeating_spell-2_$2_spellprepared}]] | [@{Selected|repeating_spell-2_$3_spellname}](~Selected|repeating_spell-2_$3_spell) [[@{repeating_spell-2_$3_spellprepared}]] | [@{Selected|repeating_spell-2_$4_spellname}](~Selected|repeating_spell-2_$4_spell) [[@{repeating_spell-2_$4_spellprepared}]] ** 3rd Level ** [@{Selected|repeating_spell-3_$0_spellname}](~Selected|repeating_spell-3_$0_spell) [[@{repeating_spell-3_$0_spellprepared}]] | [@{Selected|repeating_spell-3_$1_spellname}](~Selected|repeating_spell-3_$1_spell) [[@{repeating_spell-3_$1_spellprepared}]] | [@{Selected|repeating_spell-3_$2_spellname}](~Selected|repeating_spell-3_$2_spell) [[@{repeating_spell-3_$2_spellprepared}]] | [@{Selected|repeating_spell-3_$3_spellname}](~Selected|repeating_spell-3_$3_spell) [[@{repeating_spell-3_$3_spellprepared}]] | [@{Selected|repeating_spell-3_$4_spellname}](~Selected|repeating_spell-3_$4_spell) [[@{repeating_spell-3_$4_spellprepared}]] | [@{Selected|repeating_spell-3_$5_spellname}](~Selected|repeating_spell-3_$5_spell) [[@{repeating_spell-3_$5_spellprepared}]] | [@{Selected|repeating_spell-3_$6_spellname}](~Selected|repeating_spell-3_$6_spell) [[@{repeating_spell-3_$6_spellprepared}]] | [@{Selected|repeating_spell-3_$7_spellname}](~Selected|repeating_spell-3_$7_spell) [[@{repeating_spell-3_$7_spellprepared}]] **4th Level** [@{Selected|repeating_spell-4_$0_spellname}](~Selected|repeating_spell-4_$0_spell) [[@{repeating_spell-4_$0_spellprepared}]] | [@{Selected|repeating_spell-4_$1_spellname}](~Selected|repeating_spell-4_$1_spell) [[@{repeating_spell-4_$1_spellprepared}]] | [@{Selected|repeating_spell-4_$2_spellname}](~Selected|repeating_spell-4_$2_spell) [[@{repeating_spell-4_$2_spellprepared}]] | [@{Selected|repeating_spell-4_$3_spellname}](~Selected|repeating_spell-4_$3_spell) [[@{repeating_spell-4_$3_spellprepared}]] | [@{Selected|repeating_spell-4_$4_spellname}](~Selected|repeating_spell-4_$4_spell) [[@{repeating_spell-4_$4_spellprepared}]] | [@{Selected|repeating_spell-4_$5_spellname}](~Selected|repeating_spell-4_$5_spell) [[@{repeating_spell-4_$5_spellprepared}]] }}
Hello there ! Thanks for all your replies !&nbsp; I did forget an&nbsp; important point, the menu we would want to create would link to our own macros using both Power Cards and Alter Bars. So we're looking to build a shortcut menu or "in chat" menu that would link to these macros and not linked to the macro spells of the characters sheets.&nbsp; Here's an example of a macro we build : (Fireball in French) There must be a way ? Thanks to all ! !power {{ --tokenid|@{selected|token_id} --emote|@{selected|token_name} incante un sortilège de zone --name|Boule de feu --leftsub|action --rightsub|portée 45m --Niveau |[[3]] --Ecole :|Evocation --Composants :|V, S, M --Durée :|instantanée --hroll|[[ [$JS] ?{JS réussi |Non, 0 |Oui, 1} + 0d0 ]] --?? $JS == 0 ?? !Dégâts|~C[[ [$DOM1] ?{Emplacement de sort |3, 8D6 |4, 9D6 |5, 10D6 |6, 11D6 |7, 12D6 |8, 13D6 |9, 14D6} ]] dégâts de feu~C --?? $JS == 0 ?? alterbar1|_target|@{target|token_id} _bar|1 _amount|-[^DOM1] _show|all --?? $JS == 1 ?? !Dégâts|~C[[ [$DOM2] ?{Emplacement de sort |3, 8D6 |4, 9D6 |5, 10D6 |6, 11D6 |7, 12D6 |8, 13D6 |9, 14D6} *.5 ]] dégâts de feu~C --?? $JS == 1 ?? alterbar1|_target|@{target|token_id} _bar|1 _amount|-[^DOM2] _show|all --soundfx|_play|fireball --vfx_opt|@{target|token_id} explode-fire --Description :|Une éclatante traînée lumineuse est émise de la pointe de votre doigt vers un point de votre choix dans la portée du sort, puis s'amplifie dans un rugissement grave jusqu'à éclater en flammes. Toutes les créatures situées dans une sphère de 6 mètres de rayon centrée sur le point doivent réussir un __JS Dextérité__ sans quoi chacune d'elles subit 8D6 dégâts de feu. En cas de réussite, les dégâts sont réduits de moitié. Le feu contourne les coins. Il enflamme les objets inflammables qui ne sont pas portés ou transportés. --!Suite :|//Lorsque vous lancez ce sort en utilisant un emplacement de niveau 4 ou plus, les dégâts sont augmentés de 1D6 pour chaque niveau d'emplacement supérieur au niveau 3.// }}
Anyone ? :(
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I'd suggest finding the latest power cards API thread, and asking for advice there. I think its in the API forum, could be the Pro forum.
Thanks Gigs, will do :)