Good morning! This morning we pushed code that drastically updates our Marketplace Search, chat archives, and more! Marketplace Search Searching the Marketplace is now easier and returns more relevant results. From the Marketplace, click the Search field to enter a keyword and search. The search bar will automatically show a drop-down with some suggested marketplace publishers and categories, or you can add the keyword. You can add filters to the search by scrolling down to the author, tag, or category filters. Or, you can click the pop-out filter button. The filters will display on the right-hand side of the screen. You can also open the filters from the search page . You can filter by the type of art, such as tokens or map packs, or the category of game, like RPGs or board games. From the marketplace home page, you'll need to click the Search button to complete the search. From the search results page, the results will update in realtime as you add search terms and filters. When you apply a filter, anything that is  not in that filter will be excluded. If you apply multiple filters, both filters will need to match. So, for example, if you filter by the "Paizo" publisher and "adventure," you would only see items that are Paizo adventures. In addition to all these changes, the search results sorting has been modified to show the most relevant results at the top. You can change this sort order on the results page. We're not done upgrading the Marketplace experience! Look forward to more improvements down the road. As always, your feedback and bug reports are appreciated. Please post them in the dedicated feedback thread . Update: This is now documented in the helpdesk ! Chat Archive Changes We also posted changes to the Chat Archives feature, which you can find on the Game Details page under the Content drop-down menu.  Now when you open the chat archive, you will see an updated set of controls at the top of the page: The  First/Newer/Older/Last  controls provide page navigation through your archives. Tip: If you are trying to skip to a specific page, you can add &p= number  to the end of the URL to skip directly to that page. Show on One Page  displays all your chat archives on one page. Note : If you have a very large chat archive, showing all archives on one page will break your game. You'll know you have this kind of game because you'd have had that problem before we paginated archives. Tip : Use this view to download your chat archive as HTML. Hide Whispers  hides (and shows) whispered messages and character sheet rolls between players and the GM.  Hide Private Rolls  hides (and shows) private rolls (via the /gmroll command). The  Return to Details Page  link sends you back to the Game Details page. There's been some confusion about how the chat archive pagination works. The first page of your chat archive contains the most recent 100 lines from the chat log. Page 2 and beyond contain the chat logs from any 24-hour period in which there was a chat log entry. So, for example, if you play once a week, your chat archive pages will roughly correspond to one page per session. Additionally, we fixed a bug where the chat archives reloaded to the first page when showing/hiding whispers on subsequent pages. Please post your feedback on these changes in the chat archives feedback thread . Thanks! Other Changes Additionally, we fixed the following issues: When you are "speaking as" a character that has an animated portrait and use the /me command, the image in the chat log is now the preview image for the animated portrait. Pathfinder 2 is now available in the games dropdown for game settings, LFG posts, and the player directory. Character Sheets D&D 5e by Roll20: The Charactermancer initial popup window has returned, and the character sheet is now available for all translation languages available in Roll20. Finally, please note that next week's Tuesday release will be on Wednesday, September 4, to accommodate the Labor Day holiday in the United States. If you haven't read the  community roundtable round-up , check it out. Looking for previous release notes?  Read the full list on the wiki , or check out the  most recent note .