Character creation works the same as in Savage Worlds (SWADE), with a few differences. Set up a time with me to meet on Discord and we can run through creation; it shouldn't take more than an hour or so. Race Paragons receive 8 points of racial abilities, to reflect their enhanced nature. You may also take up to 2 points of negative racial abilities, but you cannot take racial Hindrances. Paragons also begin play with the Hindrance: Vow (Major) of loyalty to their Clan. Archetypes In Paragon, each PC gets two "Archetypes". Archetypes are short descriptors of your Paragon's Clan-ordained capabilties. The Archetypes can be any appropriate descriptors, and you are encouraged to make them up to suit your character. Once the Archetypes are chosen, you will receive custom Edges or Powers appropriate to those Archetypes. As your character levels, you will receive additional Edges appropriate for your Archetypes. You should work with me to make sure the Edges you receive are both useful, and appropriate for your understanding of your Archetypes. Permanency magic is most potent when used on young children, so most Paragons have little say over their Archetypes. If a Clan leader foresees the need of an ambassador to handle trade negotiations, the next infant born to the Clan will be altered to serve such purposes, such as being given innate charm magic.  Paragons are trained from a young age to further specialize in their Profession, often to the detriment of other skills. Your first Archetype is your " Profession ", which reflects your character's primary capabilities outside of combat. Paragons typically have Professions worthy of their high standing in society, with basic trades left to their peasant subjects. Here are some example Professions, but feel free to come up with your own: - Enchanter - Military Strategist - Trader - Governor - Burglar - Judge - Ambassador - Con Artist - Traveling Musician - Arcane Craftsman - Sea Captain - Detective Your second Archetype is " Combat Style ", which reflects your Paragon's ability to obtain victory in a fight. Unlike Professions, Combat Styles tend to be more uniform within a Clan. One Clan may have perfected a method of Arcane Archery, while another Clan might be known for its Necromancy magic. Below are some example Combat Styles: - Totem Warrior - Fire Mage - Arcane Archer - Trapper - Necromancer - Sandstorm Grappler - Troll Rider - Psychic Dominator - Harpoon Duelist Example: Player Alex decides his PC comes from a city-dwelling Clan known for its creation of mechanical construct servants. He decides that his Clan is involved with mining deep into the earth for precious metals, or even jade. This leads them into conflict with all manner of undiscovered monsters from the deep. He chooses "Monster Scholar" as his Profession, and "Construct Engineer" as his Combat Style. After discussing with the GM, Alex is uncertain whether his Profession Edge should allow him to sense monsters within 50 feet, or instead grant him a +4 bonus on any Knowledge roll related to monsters. He decides to take the +4 bonus, and calls the Edge "Keeper of Beast Lore." For his Combat Style Edge, he decides he should have a pair of easily replaceable Mechanical Construct spider minions, adept at grapples and take downs. The GM pulls some stats for the minions, with some tweaking to address any concerns Alex might have with them. Alex calls the Edge "Create Spider Construct." As Alex's character gets advances, he receives additional Edges keeping within the themes of these Archetypes.