Four eternal evils have always plagued the World since long before the rise of the Paragons. These Four Terrors (AKA the Great Terrors) threaten the remnants of civilization with outright extinction. Diplomacy with these inscrutable Terrors has proven useless, as no one has devised reliable means of communication. Wyrmwood Wyrmwood is a violent blight corrupting the jungles in the heart of the Endless Canopy, a region known as "the Infestation." It is a toxic material seeping through the roots of trees, which takes over the minds of animals in its vicinity. Wyrmwood is said to be a hive-like intelligence subsuming and assimilating all captured plants, beasts, men, and even Paragons to do its bidding. Various Paragon Clans wielding ancient magic are the only obstacle keeping Wyrmwood from spreading beyond the boundaries of the Infestation, from where it would inevitably corrupt the entire World. The Land of the Dead No living record remains of the Land of the Dead's origins. It is theorized that once a wicked pharaoh attained immortality, with disastrous results. From the Land's twisted ziggurats spew lock-stepping legions of the undead, following the close commands of their immortal masters. Once the most dangerous of the Four Terrors, the Land of the Dead is now on the defensive, having suffered greatly from Paragon invasions. Ambitious necromancer Clans strike deep into the heart of the Dead's territory, hoping to uncover priceless treasures, and the greatest secrets of death magic. Most attempts fail, with every slain Paragon becoming a new Champion of the Dead. The Sea Wretch Appearing out of violent storms comes the dread fleet of the Sea Wretch. An immortal water hag bearing all the fury of a tempest, the Sea Wretch has proven to be un-killable. Even the most stalwart veterans of Raider Isle know to fear the Sea Wretch's attacks, and yet they have sworn to battle her flotilla wherever it appears. Crewing her massive vessels are the Hagmen, a cursed race of sea mutants rumored to reside in the deepest depths of the ocean floor. In the dead of night, quiet mists bring the Hagmen into coastal towns, where they kidnap and plunder mercilessly. It is a subject of debate whether the Sea Wretch holds no territory, or if the entire ocean is her grand domain. The Tundran Scourge Crystalline golems at home in the Freezing Hells, the Tundrans terrorize the northern lands with their frost magic. The architects of foreboding yet beautiful crystalline monuments, the Tundrans behave in an unpredictable, inscrutable manner. Their monuments cause magic in the surrounding area to weaken, while emboldening the arcane might of the Tundran sorcerers. Frequent Paragon efforts are needed to disrupt their advancing civilization, accomplished by daring assaults on newly constructed monuments. While their surface expansion has been checked for now, chilling tales speak of underground tunnels being dug deep underneath the feet of the northern civilizations. Increased seismic activity only serves to heighten these fears in paranoid Northern minds.