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Characters not calculating after map update.

All of my characters have been reset in my campaign, at least all the ones with tokens on the map.  Their AC, HP, and experience have been lost after transferring to a new map.  When players try to add XP and level up, the sheet says that the level one charactermancer must be run, because they do not have a level one set.
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Hi Chris M. -  Our apologies for any troubles here! For better troubleshooting of this issue, would you mind answering the questions below, please? Are you able to further describe what happened here? When you say transferred to a new map, do you mean using the "Players" flag to switch the players to a new map? Or are you saying you dragged and dropped their tokens onto a new map and this occurred? Or some combination? To confirm, is the Character Sheet you are using the 5e Sheet by Roll20?  Did your players originally create their characters using the Charactermancer? Would you be able to provide me the name to the game in question?
I copied the tokens from one page to the next.  As soon as I did that, the character sheets reset. Yes, I am using the 5e sheet by Roll20. The characters were created in the Charactermancer some time ago, but we had no troubles all night, until I copied their tokens to a new page.  It seemed to start with one character, then progress to ALL the player characters on the map. The game is "Into the Shadows..."   Is there a way to roll the characters back?
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That doesn't sound like normal behavior at all. Is it possible that the tokens lost their connection to the sheet? When you open the actual character sheet, previously input data is gone, or are they just not showing up on the token?
The data is gone.  When one of my characters tried to level up, it kept giving the error message that the first level charactermancer had to be run first.  Despite the fact that this is the way the characters had been made, and despite the fact that they had been leveled up to level 7 without issue.
The specific error message that comes up is "ATTENTION - YOU CANNOT LAUNCH THE CHARACTERMANCER LEVEL UP UNTIL YOU HAVE A CLASS, LEVEL, AND HP SET FOR LEVEL ONE.  PLEASE RUN THE CHARACTERMANCER CREATOR FIRST.  THE LEVEL UP TOOL DOESN"T WORK WITH CUSTOM CLASSES OR IF THE MULTICLASS OPTIONS ARE SET UP INCORRECTLY."  This is only for the characters whose tokens were moved from one map to another by copying and pasting.  All other characters are fine.  For example, Devras Redwood (H) was copied, but Devras Redwood (A) was not.  As were Cebak Zavam, Sybil Perlana, and Leon Oaktree.  All other characters remain unchanged.  Just those characters lost information on their sheets.
Don't know the titles of my own games.  The game is "Out from the Shadows..."
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Hey Chris M. - As a Pro Subscriber, you are able to Rollback the game to a save state from up to seven days ago. More information on the Rollback feature can be found here:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> .&nbsp;Would you mind trying to Rollback the game to before you noticed the issue and letting us know the results, please? Before you do this, I highly recommend you also make a copy of the game, just in case!
Rolling back worked!&nbsp; Copied the game first, then moved over new maps that had been created.&nbsp; I also played around wiht the map a little - so far, so good.&nbsp; We'll see what happens when we play again on Sunday!