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D&D 5E by Roll20 Sheet v. 2.7 4e Crits toggle

Hello, I am looking at home brewing a rule where I use a 4e style crit rule, in my tabletop play this is fairly common; however, there is no real way to implement this on roll20. A second suggestion would be to include a global flagable modifier on the Roll20 NPC character sheets so that bless, bane, or other modifiers could be toggled globally for the DMs NPC rolls, perhaps a pop-up dialog box? preferably custom so someone could add their own?
Sheet Author
Maybe if you explain how the 4E crit rules work, someone would be able to help you figure out how to make that happen.  There are quite a few people on here that are good at figuring out ways to work macro options, but I expect they haven't all played 4E.
the 4e rule works thus from my second hand understanding instead of rolling 2 damage die or multiplying your damage roll you instead take the maximum number for add your damge roll and modifiers: regular damge 1d8 + 3 dex normal critical calculation 2d8 + 3 dex 4e critical calculation 8 + 1d8 + 3 dex it's easy enough to implement for players by simply changing the 'crit' of any weapon; however, for NPCs it's much more difficult as you would have to change every monster instead of just dragging from your compendium.

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The 5e shaped sheet has an option to set the damage to work the way you are looking for and works for NPC's. Not sure how you would set it for every sheet in your game, but there's probably an api for that.
I have purchased several books for roll20 so that my players can use my compendium to quickly build and update their characters (character mancer). the shaped sheet is not an option for me.