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Starfinder - Against the Aeon Throne: Part 2

My group will finish Starfinder - Against the Aeon Throne: The Reach of Empire next session, are there any plans to release Part 2: Escape from the Prison Moon anytime soon?
About the start Against the Aeon Throne and wondering when Part 2 will come out. I ran Dead suns and hand jammed everything in that one and it drove me crazy. Would like to know when Part 2 would be coming out as well
Because I just bought Pt 1, I'd like to know also.  Because I don't know when Pt 1 was originally released, what has the time span been so far from Pt 1 to now?
I will add my voice to this question.  My group is about to try Starfinder for the first time and I'm leaning toward purchasing this.  It would be my first purchase, but if Part 2 isn't going to be available anytime soon, I don't know that it's worth it.
I'm jumping in too and wondering when Escape From the Prison Moon will be released. Our group is going to finish in the next week or two (1 or 2 more sessions). @Frank P. Pt.1 came out toward the end of July, 2019 (7/24, I think). Hopefully Roll20 was already working on Pt.2 and not waiting to see if Pt.1 would sell well! 
Also very curious
My group is also getting curious about this. We jumped ship from Fantasy Grounds (we can't stand the interface) as soon as roll20 announced the module. We're starting to worry that we made a bad choice.
Seems like there might not be any support for starfinder anymore. Havent heard a single thing from anyone at roll 20 in their twitter, blog or on the forums. 
Would like to know this as well, want to purchase and play this but want to make sure part 2 will be coming out.
I'm looking to start running starfinder and see only part 1 of a module for sale on here. would really love to see part 2 become a thing so i dont need to hand make it all if we finish book 1
I reached out to Paizo support and they said they have no control over when/if Roll20 releases it and so far haven't seen any responses from Roll20 about it either. Told my group we will switch to Fantasy Grounds if it isn't released or announced by the time we finish it, cause Fantasy Grounds has all of it.
Juniper L.
Roll20 Team
Hi folks, Apologies for the radio silence! The best place to keep up with pending releases when we’re able to announce them would be on our blog , and we’d also like to highly encourage your participation in our community roundtable discussions on Twitch which happen about once a month. You're able to ask members of the team questions extremely similar to (if not exactly like) this one, along with myriad others. All of that said, I did some digging for y’all - and we feel pretty comfortable with a tentative release date of Janurary 2020. We’re really glad you’re all interested in new Paizo content and we'll get you more updates as they're available!
Thank you, Juniper!
Great news, thanks!  Looking forward to Part 2 as well as Part 3.
I would like to also weigh in for support of Starfinder Content.  Although if you actually released burn-bryte and had a bunch of content for that I might be swayed to move over.   It is what is keeping me with my pro account. 

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Hello all, I posted a question about Starfinder products on the community round table on twitch and they were awesome,  they answered my question  gave out the timeline for putting out Against the Aeon throne 2 and part 3 and working on putting out more Alien Archives. Hopefully they keep up the great work and put out more books to take my money lol. The quest is at the :32min and 40sec mark of the video 
Sounds good, I'll have to check out the program sat and see how it went.  I'd still rather have more 6 or 3 part AP;s than another monster book, but the Operations manual would be nice as well Tom

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Sounds like Part 2 this month and Part 3 in February.  Great!  Bring on the Starfinder.  
Woot!  Part 2 is now available.
Expecting Part 3 in 2021. Keep up the slow work Roll20