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Combat script

Is there a script or would it be possible to make a script so that when you use say an attack macro it will ask you to pick a target then when you do it will check against the target's AC/Spell Saving through and then apply damage if necessary? Or does one exist that does this already?  Sorry new to Roll20 and using scripts. Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. :( Please remove my post if this isn't allowed.
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The Saving throw option is doable with Group Check and Damage. It's built for working on groups, but nothing in the code precludes you from having a group of 1. I'm not sure about the AC option, though. Token-mod can apply damage to a token, and ChatSetAttr can change values on a sheet, and an attribute lookup can find values, but I think you'd need a custom script to put in the conditional of "Here is my attack, IF I hit, THEN apply damage to target." I don't think such an animal exists. Maybe PowerCards?
Yeah, I'm familiar with the ones you listed but wasn't able to find anything that kind of includes all the features into one was just wishful thinking I guess. Thank you for replying.
Combat Tracker is nice
West1778, everything you ask about can be done easily with PowerCards.  This requires a Pro account.  If you want examples of how this can work, I can share them with you.  Just PM me.