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newbie for hire


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hello my name is Emiley and i recently just joined roll 20 in hopes to join a game. I have a little experience with D&D and would like to find a group to play with i'm mostly used to playing d&d 5th edition how ever i never really learned to play correctly since i only played it  in my game's club where we all followed the rules loosely. and i still don't really know how this all works.  if any of you are willing to allow me to join your group or teach me how this all works please message me  im usually free around 4:00pm to 10:00pm specifically following in Eastern daylight time
You should always include your availability that you are looking to play during. 
Andrew R.
Sheet Author
I recommend telling us your time zone here in your post and in your profile. It helps players and GMs choose you. 
I may have something, sent PM