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Gift Message Bugged

Hi, guys! Just to let you know, your macros used in gift messages seem to be bugged. This is the message I received this week: Sonia, [email_gift_recieved_ fromaccount.transub] [email_gift_recieved_unlocked] Game Addon:  Tarokka Deck [email_marketplace_learn_more. transub] [email_best_regards], [email_roll20_team] It does make it a little bit difficult to see who it was from and what is going on! The title worked as intended. 
Hello Sonia, Thank you for this report. I have passed it along to the devs. As soon as we have more information, we will let you know.

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Roll20 Team
Hey Sonia -  Thank you again for the report and the details provided! To confirm, we are aware of this issue and a ticket has been submitted to fix it. We'll look to get it addressed as soon as we can. Our apologies for any troubles or confusion.