You've heard stories about them, Pathfinders. The great hope and trailblazers of the Andromeda Initiative. Each one an army on their own, equipped with the latest technologies and fastest ships to spearhead this venture into the unkown...... Your not one of them. You came to the Andromeda galaxy for any number of reasons. Running from the past, Heading towards a future, Settling where no one has gone before, Undertaking a great new adventure, or maybe you just wanted the free land. However it was you came to be here you find yourself setting up a simple homestead on one of the " Golden Worlds " The Pathfinder Ryder has managed to fix whatever was wrong with the ancient terraformers on the planet and now its well on the way to being a paradise world....if you can survive long enough. Episode 1: " What the hell is a Cow? " A half dozen hands were clasped together saying a half dozen kinds of grace when their neighbor Cusik Huks burst through the door. The Salarian started and finished explaining before he was halfway done catching his breath. Unfortunately you caught none of it and needed him to repeat it at a more reasonable speed, and after calming down for a moment he managed to tell you that somebody had stolen his cows right out of the paddock. Your the neighborly sort so you promptly all offer to lend a hand tracking down the rancher's errant cloned critters. After he explains what the hell a Cow is. Rules&nbsp; UPDATE: We've got a couple players already so looking for a couple more! A Drell Assassin ( Cargo jockey pilot looking for a new home and fresh start in Andromeda )&nbsp; and a Turian Agent ( Background in progress ) are what's been chosen so far.&nbsp; Game has lots of diversity of races and classes though and some overlap is fine. Mass Effect: Homestead is a sort of episodic Play by Post game that follows the adventures of a group of Homesteaders trying to keep their little colony functional while the events of a galaxy spanning space opera epic explode around them. This is a game for those who like to explore the lives of ( fairly ) ordinary people who are just trying to make due and not get swept up in vast alien conspiracies or invasions. It's also a chance to try out some more wild and interesting character concepts that the game would never have allowed. Things you need to know: System: We will be running either the Mass Effect D20 system. It's open source and free and easy to pick up and play. Linked here. ME D20:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Length? Games are episodic in nature, think of a series of " one shots " that may take place in a vague period of time. One " episode " may occur hours after the previous, a year later, or a year before, the actual time frame being relatively unimportant. Game will conclude when I'm no longer having fun running it or ready to move on to something else. At the very least though I'm going to try for 1 Episode and possibly try out rotating to new players when that episode is done. Mature? I only want players who are&nbsp; 18+ &nbsp;partly due to Mass Effect having Nudity, Violence, Language, etc. as an inherent part of the setting. and also just because I'd prefer to deal with more mature players wherever possible. Races? All races from ME D20 are permitted including ones that canonically shouldn't be available like Quarians. I'm gonna go with the explanation of " You were one of the people on board the Nexus which had a bit more bio-diversity than was mentioned in the game. " Posting Speed: I like to think of this as an Asynchronous Text game, which basically translates to a " Fast " posting speed. If I'm up and able to post I'm posting, so people who prefer a more " Post once for the day and then your done " style of PbP will probably find this game overly demanding. [EDIT (for clarity): Async games may be either fast or slow, depending on the GM's preference.] Contact? You can contact me about the game here or at Zephyr#7437 on Discord or through PMs.