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[LFP] [5e] -Descent into Avernus (Prelude) Forgotten Realms [Age 18+]


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Hey all, longtime DM (30+ years) here looking to run my first Roll20 campaign. I have two people already interested and looking for up to 4 more PCs. Planning on starting the Prelude for Descent into Avernus and if everything goes well continue on to the Avernus adventure proper. Anybody is welcome to join, I just ask that you be at least 18+. Game time will be on Thursdays 7pm central to 9 or 9:30pm central. First session is September 19th. We will try to play at least every other week. Character Creation: Standard Array Alignment: No Evil Books allowed: All official WOTC 5e books. Unearthed Arcana and 3rd party material on a case by case basis. If interested please post and give a character concept. If accepted, I'll send out the Roll20 game and Discord links.
Hi im Andy, i am very interested in playing this. As far as character concept i dont mind filling the party gaps so ill prob wait for that but i can come up with good characters, i make characters and backstories all the time. Been playing for 6 years and dming for 3 and i know roll20
I'm Daniel, an I too am interested in this adventure.  Time should be fine, but I would have to double check, timezones.  Been playing for about 1.5 years in 5e, and gods knows of 3.5e way back in the day. Character: Gray - Aberrant Mind Sorcerer/Changeling  Gray used to be human, or at leas they think they were before an organization abducted them and through torturous experiments turn them into this, abomination, this failure.  Thought dead, they had their body dumped in an unmarked mass grave with all the rest.  But whatever foul magic turned them into what they are, also kept them alive if just barely.  They were later found wandering down a country dirt road by a farmer and his daughter, having assumed the form of a thin albino woman?  They don't remember who they were, that person is long gone, now there is only Gray. Gray is a largely gender-less/unisex character, who is true neutral, and doesn't really remember much about themselves or what they are capable of. But they think they are human and act as such, and is a cinnamon roll.  They have to figure out who they are and what they want in life.  I also want to test the UA class material and give feedback, as this general type of aberration/secret monster character is something I've been meaning to play for the longest time, but didn't quite have the mechanics to embody it. Now I do.

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Hi I'm Charlie and I am interested in playing, I am quite new to Roll20 and D&D in general, only played for about a year and looking for a fun party! As for character im wanting to play a Dragon Born Bard who has to beg on the streets for change from prejudice citizens, though it doesn't shake his optimistic and witty attitude!. He also plays a Violin with the blade of a rapier as the bow. I am also willing to do some sketches of the party :)
Thanks everybody we have 6 now. I'll be sending out the game link and discord later today in PMs.