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Token snapping to the grid

Hi! I just started using Roll20 and I'm really pleased what I'm seeing at the moment. This is exactly what I have been looking for years and none of the other virtual tabletops have been able to provide. Good work guys! Only one thing is bugging me at the moment. In wiki it is said that tokens snap to bottom right corner of the grid square. But when I'm using Roll20 all tokens snap to upper left corner. I don't know if this is a bug or changed for some reason I can't find from forums. That's why the question is here at general forum. I'm currently making my own token set for my Pendragon campaign I'm running. In Pendragon facing is not the issue and because of that I decided to use old computer RPG style side view tokens because I really don't like the top down view myself. I try to keep all tokens square but problem arises when I did one with a pole arm. I made it square and a half tall so I could easily scale it to right proportions at the tabletop. The problem is that it should "stand" on bottom of the square and it doesn't matter if tip of the pole arm goes on top of the square above. But currently it "hangs" from the tip of his pole arm and feet are on top of the square below. And that makes it really confusing.
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Sorry, but it looks like you've run afoul of an incorrect edit to the wiki. If you can find the offending sentence again, go ahead and change it to be correct! As far as your real problem is concerned, people have asked before to be able to define the "base" of a token, or the part that actually does the snapping. It would allow things like tokens with polearms, or views of tokens at an angle, etc. Unfortunately, that is not currently a possibility.
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The only thing I can add to Brian's comments is that if you hold down the ALT key you can ignore the snap to grid function.