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Custom Status Markers - No API knowledge, I can't find commands/macros


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Hi!  Been using different API including CombatTracker, Shaped Sheet, Status Conditions, Numbered Tokens, etc.  Just installed CustomStatusMarkers.  Instructions say to use the macro it installed but I don't see one and can't find what I need to type in chat to access the menu and commands.  Seems like a neat program but seems like lots of API instructions aren't dumbed down for people like me who just want to use them and don't know or care how to create them.  Already having enough trouble being a DM!  Any help will be appreciated.  Thanks!
It's been awhile since I utilized that script, but I still have the macros in game.  It created one called CustomStatusMarkersMenu with the command: !CustomStatusMarkersShowMenu
Looking back a bit closer, there are a total of 4 macros in my game created by this script. Other than the one mentioned above there is also the following: CustomStatusMarkersToggle (This sets/removes a custom status you have setup) !CustomStatusMarkersSetMarker ?{Which custom status marker?} CustomStatusMarkersToggleCount !CustomStatusMarkersSetCountForMarker ?{Which custom status marker?} ?{count} CustomStatusMarkersToggleTint !CustomStatusMarkersSetTintForMarker ?{Which custom status marker?} ?{color} Hope this helps!
Thanks!  It didn't automatically generate a macro.  I'll try it as soon as I get to a desktop.