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Request- 5e OGL spell effects, auto saves,triggered sounds and saved templates.

Hi, I have bought an animation pack from the market place. which I would like to use.  currently I don't have any templates set so what id like a script to do is whenever a spell is a cast. id like it to auto-cast the animation and sound effect I want it to produce the right distance/ radius, cause autosaves to come upon enemies only (because I like pcs to roll and it saves time on a bunch of enemies) display the results as a gm roll, labelling the creatures hit and being able to reference which one was hit by scrolling a mouse over the number in the chat with a box outlining the target for reference. and having this set universally for all spell casting type NPCs/monsters. is this possible?  obviously I understand manually adding the animations and sound effects but id like the pre-generated templates to be pre-built so I can slot them in. this will make my dming easier and quicker and I want to give the players access to be able to drag them in or change on the fly either via producing the spell on their spell sheet or having a menu to click from or a token action that produces the effect.  can you guys help?

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GM Michael
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I guess I could add placing AoE tokens to the pipeline for SpellMaster, though it's anyone's guess when I'll get around to that.  Though, as you indicate, it would be a very manual process to configure, and setting up SpellMaster the first time is already painfully manual because copyright. As for auto-rolling saves and applying damage, I believe there's an interaction of two different scripts that can do it, though I've never actually bothered to set them both up.
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Group Check and Apply Damage are the two scripts in question, and together they are a godsend.