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Very Experienced F D&D Player LF Long-Term 5th Edition or 3.5 Edition Campaign (18+)


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Hello everyone! Ashley (Chandra) here again! I am currently on the search for a group and DM for a long-term game where I can settle in, make new friends, and work with the DM to provide a great story. I am available all days of the week. Written below is some information about myself, what I'm looking for, and what you can expect from me as a player. --------------------------------------------- BASIC INFORMATION What I am Looking For: A Long-Term Campaign for either 3.5 Edition or 5th Edition. Homebrew or Modules: Either though prefer Homebrew. I do however want to play Rise of Tiamat, and Out of the Abyss. Comfort Zone: All players and DM must be 18+. I don't play with under 18 players. Players: I can work well in a group of up to 5 people, 6 if need be. Anything more gets crazy. Time Zone: I am in Eastern Time Zone. Availability: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays (I can do Wednesdays and Fridays at 9:30pm EST) What I Like To Play: I always play Humans and only Humans. I love to play Paladins, Fighters (Archers), Wizards, and Clerics (non-melee). Character Level Experience: Level 1 to 30. What I Hate Most: Point Buy. I refuse. I would rather roll 4d6-least. LBGT Friendly: Yes. Roleplay to Combat Ratio: 60/40. 18+ Mature-Friendly: Yes, I roleplay it all; The good, the bad, and the very dark. Pay To Play: I don't mind Pay to Play, but I require proof that the DM is what I am looking for. I will not pay more than $40 US/month though. --------------------------------------------- A LITTLE ABOUT ME - I am 26 years old, female, from Canada. I am a very hardcore D&D player and DM. I have DMed since 2012 and I enjoy it a lot. I have been playing for 19 years, as my uncle taught me at a very young age how to play. By age 9, I was very, very good at AD&D 2nd Edition. I've been gaming ever since. I play only Humans, and it's not just in D&D, but also in World of Darkness, Warhammer 40k, Exalted, Final Fantasy 14, World of Warcraft, Star Wars, D20 Modern. --------------------------------------------- WHAT AM I LOOKING FOR IN A DM? - I am looking for a mature DM who can and will challenge me; a DM who isn't afraid to punish me for my mistakes and reward me for my successes. I'm looking for a DM who respects backgrounds and storyline information, applying them to their world to make it fun for both them and me. I am also looking for a DM who isn't going to railroad me, can think big, and create really interesting storylines. I would like to see my DM put us up against challenges that we are NOT SUPPOSED TO defeat yet, that teach us about failure, and when it is time to run. I do not want a DM who always ensures the players are the heroes and wipes everything out. I want a DM who enjoys it when the bad guys win some too. Like I said, challenge me, and I'll strive to be your greatest player. --------------------------------------------- HOW TO CONTACT ME - Please post to me either here in this thread or in a private message. I will give you my Discord name thereafter.
<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Monday is a meandering group just beginning to get into a plotline. Their next session is a "camp" session which will be quiet and a perfect time to enter and learn about the party / world. Tuesday had someone drop, so now there is room. Bad news: They split the party. Almost seven ways. Wednesday is gathering people but many are turning real flaky. More people showing up might jumpstart them. Thursday's full. Friday is empty, so maybe gather friends together who've never played? Find me on Discord: Hervis Jasper#8061
don't know what you think, we have a great group all over 20 but play Sunday 5pm CET - Central European Time. we have one US woman who gives up her sunday mornings to join us. down a few players after playing weekly foe 18 months.&nbsp;
5e homebrews and premade. several DMs in the group.&nbsp;
Thank you to those who have been replying so far. I have sent questions to your Roll20 mails. Still open to offers. :)
Hello, I am currently considering taking one more in the Campaign I run depending on if we can find someone that is the "Right fit" for the group. I currently have 5 active players in a 18+ e5 Homebrew Campaign. The group is a mix of experienced players and new players. So far I have been interviewing players and sadly don't believe they would mesh well. We use standard Array(Rather than Point buy or Rolling) as way to balance out the characters. Our content can get a bit&nbsp;risque at times as well as extremely dark which is why we restricted out players to 18+ Most of them currently being 30+. We play on Thursday Nights starting at 8pm Eastern usually running to around 11:30-12:00 With the rare acceptation that people want to push past that. The Campaign is RP heavy with Combat encounters being tuned to the more difficult side(They dont fight often but when they do it is a challenge). If you are interested or simply have questions feel free to message me directly.&nbsp;

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The only problem with standard array ( 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8) is that those kinds of stats are only good for Wizard, because they rely only on INT and DEX to do what they do. Everything else can be totally low-balled so long as those two stats are met. For Paladins though, they need STR, CON, and CHA. Having a Paladin with a 15 charisma (+2 is very very poor for a Paladin) and only a 14 (+2) or 12 (+1) in either STR or CON is extremely detrimental to the Paladin's power and survivability (and it doesn't make sense with how a Paladin trains). The designers of the Standard Array system did very poorly with their math and how it relates to the classes and their stat requirements. Having an 8 stat to anything is almost certainly a death wish. You're either weak, slow, unhealthy, stupid, ignorant, or ugly/unapproachable. :P
I have heard the different concerns that come with running a came in Standard Array. For me though it brings an often overlooked part of the game. Flaws. So many time you see over and over again people wanting to be the super epic out the gate awesome hero with not flaws and no real challenge to the game. At the end of the day Stats only do so much for your character having a 20 stat doesn't really do you any good when the dice turn up on a 1, but in that same regard a good RPer can turn that fail into something grand. Also between ASI and equipment you can easily make up for a lower stat. From my prospective it just gives the player and opportunity to grow into something rather than the boring same old (I was [insert awesome thing] that decided to go out after whatever was there) formula.&nbsp;

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Though on the flip side, you are building a group of heroes or villains to go out and do good or bad for the world. If they're as common as the commoners, they're no different from said commoners, and may as well be PCNPC's if that makes sense. Nonetheless, I abide by the DM's rule, and my thoughts about it really are immaterial. In the Standard Array situation, I will choose a class that fully adheres to the array (I would play a Wizard) or a non-melee Full-Support cleric that stays in the back and just heals. ^.^
I am still in search of a game as the last advertisement to me didn't work out.
I don't have a game, more of a question.&nbsp; Does posting here have a benefit over reviewing games that are posted as looking for players, per se? I have never found a group over there that I liked and that also liked me.&nbsp; To be fair, I have low tolerance for a lot of pretty common human behaviors, some of which I have, myself.&nbsp; But it's usually more like game, time, group size, maturity or communication interface that I seem to have the most trouble with. Have you had good experiences in the forum here? Oh, and as an aside, on your Standard Array observation - I don't mind it.&nbsp; I'm actually somewhat more in alignment of the opinion of your second observation, that players probably shouldn't be commoners.&nbsp; But I never have a problem with one or more low stats.&nbsp; Low stats can be like fishing with low test line.&nbsp; It gives a chance to bring in big fish and show skill in doing so.&nbsp; Not really the way I'd go normally, because a good DM can challenge no matter how players develop their characters, for the most part, but it can still be fun.
Caernarvon , I have been with Roll20 since the very early days of the site. I've put in thousands of hours into this place and supported it for a long time. I think it's that support but me being active here in these forums are what have people answer me more comfortably than, say, someone with like 50 hours to their name. Not to be all smug about it or anything, it's more of a fact that DM's feel more comfortable when they look at one's profile and see what they've done here. I think that's what grants me my success here. Hope that helps. P.S.: I agree that having one low stat is all right as a dump stat, but half the stats in the standard array aren't very good.
<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Hello Chandra, We have an open slot for our campaign set in the world of Midgard (Kobold Press). We are looking for someone who can fit with us and show up to most sessions (we understand that life happens). If after reading the forum post linked above, we still have your interest, feel free to send me a private message and I'll be glad to bring you into our discord channel so you can chat with the rest of the players. Cheers
I unfortunately cannot do 8pm on Fridays.
I have updated my times and dates available. :)