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LFG Dark Sun 5e


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Hey, after getting a taste of the wonderful world of Athas a few years back and my DM bailing after 3 sessions, I have been unable to find a game. After a few years of getting my homebrew world set up, I have time to be a player again. So here is another attempt to return to the gritty deserts of the Tablelands. Is there a DM and players willing to play with me on Sun/Mon/Thurs/Fri? (any is fine for me). I would be willing to help a DM with finding conversions/and some of the work involved on that side, as I would like to learn enough to DM on Athas in the future myself.
I would be willing to DM a Dark sun game as I have always loved the setting, however I would want to do it in pathfinder 2nd edition if I was running it, otherwise if its 5e I would rather be a player, I have a fluctuating schedule but would be down for mondays as I would likely be busy all the other days unless the game was in the morning. 
I would love to do it in PF2 too, been meaning to try the system. It would mean we would have to do some work on the conversion though, which I would be down for.
I am to, the only thing I hesitate about is there is no psionic system in pathfinder 2nd edition yet, however I think it would not be to difficult to 'reflavor' some of the spells and feats to be able to accommodate psionics. 
Hey guys, would love to try this setting. I know you are just testing the waters but I want to check first - what day and time zone are you planning to run this on? We're 2 players on GMT/CET looking for a game on Sunday, Monday or Friday evenings.
I think were looking at Mondays, but not sure and not sure as to what time.
Hiya, I played Dark Sun in a group in Hong Kong a while back and I loved the world there. Would really like to play if there's space and timings fit. Has scheduling and time zones been agreed? Also able to help out with DMing during breaks (willing to do a rota system even).
Nah, Innocencio and I were going to discuss possibilities further this week.
if you need players, i'm totally down to play. Only downside is im very new to tabletops and roll20.
I have some interest in running a Dark Sun game, but I would want to use the GURPS engine for it.