Javelin decides to ignore the voice in his head offering anything he wants - for a price - and you take a short rest. When you have recovered a little you go about exploring. You return to the Mastodon room where you find a decayed warrior wrapped in bandages waiting. He holds up a gruesome chalice made from a human skull. b'Urp recognises the skull as the fabled Skull Chalice of Ch'gakare, the item that Princess Mwaxanaré had asked him to retrieve. You take it and the figure fades away into smoke. You head back. After some invisible looking around b'Urp ascertains that you have explored everything in this level except for the area beyond the portcullis. Looking at the 5 lights above the portcullis and the 5 cupboards in the same room you work out that you need to activate each cupboard somehow. Judging from you previous experience you expect that something will come out of each one. So you all place yourselves in a good position and ready yourselves to attack anything that emerges, then b'Urp turns invisible and opens the door from above. The scene on the first door depicts an army of orcs clashing with an army of hobgoblins. b'Urp opens the door. Dust and smoke billow from the wardrobe, and the air around you sounds out with the roar of battle. Beyond the doors, armies fight under a blood-red sky that has an iron cube floating in it like a huge, distant moon. Clouds of ash suddenly fly out of the wardrobe, transforming into screaming orcs before your eyes. They are defeated relatively easily, as are all the enemies you face in the wardrobes: 2) This door depicts a grinning night hag with a swaddled human infant in her arms. The door opens above the caldera of an active volcano. Shards of black rock float above the molten magma. Perched atop one shard are two man-sized creatures with insectoid features and four arms apiece. They teleport into the room and attack. 3) The scene on this door depicts twisted, screaming humanoid faces wrapped in chains. Waves of heat assail you as the door opens, revealing an iron road leading to a basalt citadel surrounded by the charred remains of defeated armies. Prisoners scream from iron gibbets that festoon the citadel walls. Suddenly, a single glowing ember flies out of the wardrobe and transforms into a winged, bony fiend with a smiling, skull-like visage. 4) The scene on this door depicts ghouls gnawing on bones. Through the door you gaze out across an ancient cemetery, its canted tombstones shrouded in fog. Eerie, hungry shapes move among the graves in the distance. Suddenly, bright glowing balls of light appear in the room behind you. 5) This door is carved to depict the face of an ornate clock. When opened you view enormous interlocking gears and cogs stretch as far as you can see. Suddenly, a spherical construct with spindly legs and small wings tumbles through the open doorway and lands prone at your feet. It is quickly dispatched. As each enemy is defeated there is a loud 'DING' and one of the gems above the portcullis lights up. When all enemies are dispatched the portcullus rises up leaving an open corridor. You take another rest and then head up the corridor. Javlin leads the way, sneaking ahead to see what is around the corner. The corridor turns and then descends a wide staircase.  Another hallway leads onwards. Graven images of rotting corpses decorate this hall, and the floor is littered with tarnished coins, pieces of armor, broken shields, axe heads, and other bits of scrap metal. At the end of the hallway, a yawning archway has a keystone adorned with an iron bull's skull, which bites down on an ivory ring. Partway up the hallway is an exit which leads to more descending stairs. Javlin enters the hallway, but as he does most of his belongings decay and fall off him. He finds himself naked under his robe of scintillating colours and most of his weapons and possessions are destroyed. Seeing this b'Urp strips off naked (taking off his loin cloth) and leaves his possesions at the top of the stairs. The rest of you remain at the top of the stairs. b'Urp and Javlin make their way to the archway. Through it, hot wind tinged with the smell of burning oil blows down a forty-foot-diameter vertical shaft. Stone balconies protrude from the walls on opposite sides of this expanse, with the balcony on the opposite side fifteen feet higher than this one. Two thick chains rattle in the gulf between the balconies—one ascending two hundred feet before disappearing into a cloudy vortex lit by arcs of purple lightning; the other wrapping around an enormous metal gear floating one hundred feet below. Another hundred feet below the gear, a second vortex rages. Javlin hides against the wall and b'Urp becomes invisible before jumping over to the other balcony. As he lands on the other balcony a rip forms in the vortex high above, and nine cube-shaped creatures with wings and shortbows fly through. They are quickly followed by a large crystal decahedron that holds a weird starfish-shaped creature. They fly around the chamber looking for an enemy, making it difficult to return. b'Urp decides to quickly examine the narrow corridor in front of him before returning.  The corridor leads to a chamber contains a bronze apparatus centered on a hinged arm. Slowly rotating within the arm is a 10-foot-diameter globe decorated by a topographic map of landforms and oceans. Concentric rings of brass constrain the device, all rotating and bearing their own lesser spheres. One of those spheres has sharp points and appears sunlike. Carvings of tall, headless humanoids decorate the walls of the room. b'Urp notices a secret door in one of the walls and opens it, finding a passage leading to the control panel room he had been in previously. He returns to the apparatus. As he approaches the sphere, the apparatus suddenly swings around, its rings rotating out of the way as the surface of the globe peels back to reveal a dark, hollow interior. Inside this cavity is a padded bronze chair with levers built into its armrests. b'Urp decides to sit in the chair. The globe closes again, but b'Urp finds he can see outside as if the walls of the globe have become transparent. He moves one of the levers and the rings around the sphere begin rotating in response.  Suddenly a massive creature bursts out of a very small bronze sphere.  It begins stalking the room, smelling the air as if looking for prey. b'Urp realises that he is safe while he remains in the sphere, but he does not know how to get out. If he does work it out he is at risk from the beast stalking the room and then the creatures flying around the chain. He then remembers that he has left all of his gear at the top of the stairs, a long way back. He is naked, alone and a long way from the rest of the group.