Hi everyone! We’re continuing to improve our customer support with the introduction of a new system that will help us provide better response times. From your side, there will be no change in how you reach us: continue to email <a href="mailto:team@roll20.net" rel="nofollow">team@roll20.net</a> with requests for support! The XP team has been hard at work making sure that this is as smooth a transition as possible. That said, a change like this does cause some bumps in the road and we wanted to give you a heads up that there may be some delays in support answers while we formally transition to the new system and tools on our end. We expect this change-over to take roughly 24 hours, and it will go into effect at the end of this week. Once it’s done, we’ll be back and better than ever! Thank you all for your patience and understanding as we continue to improve.&nbsp; Drespar XP Team Lead