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A library for scripts?

I've looked briefly--perhaps too briefly--at Github but can't seem to find a single page that lists all the Roll20 related scripts that users have added to the service has on it. Does such a page exist? I know a lot scripts have been written in the last four years and it would be nice to find a nice alphabetized list of links to each with a brief description of what they do. I apologize of this has already been asked a million times.
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If you look at your campaigns API Scripts page, and the install script section, each of the scripts on github is there, and does have a description. There's a lot to wade through, though. And of course, there are some scripts that aren't on github (like my Universal Chat Menus script).  I agree there are better ways to organise it - the wiki does have a script index but i dont think its actively maintained and is out of date.
The Aaron
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Minor correction: the 1-click install scripts are a curated subset of the scripts in the GitHub repo. 

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There is also this long out-of-date page in the wiki, which lists some scripts that are in neither place. You can search github with a keyword of Roll20 to find other public repositories: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Finally, you can do a site-limited google search and find some forum-only scripts: "[Script]"
The problem too is that some scripts are no longer supported or outdated. Would be nice to have a current listing.
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That would have to be curated by a volunteer. Scripts are 99% community effort.
Thanks for all these pointers everyone. :-)