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Pathfinder Dedication Auto-set?

I recently made a character who's a member of the Pathfinder Society, and the Dedication Feat gives "When using a skill untrained, your proficiency bonus is equal to your level instead of 0." Is there a way I can automatically cause my untrained skills to automatically apply this Feat? I've tried to put @{level} in a Temp Modifier, and my GM has tried to do a custom Profficiency Modifier with the same idea; but to no avail. Is this doable, or do I have to put them in manually?
Sheet Author
Hi Jack, which Pathfinder sheet are you using?

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Vince said: Hi Jack, which Pathfinder sheet are you using? He's talking about Pathfinder Agent Dedication , specifically the last part of the feat, so second edition, and right now unfortunately there is only one sheet for it on roll20. Right now the only way to work it that I can see would indeed be to manually add your level to every single skill as a temporary buff, and that's kind of horrible, yeah. Considering the same mechanic is also used for Follow the Expert (a basic activity to help out party members), the Untrained Improvisation general feat, and the Clever Improviser human-only feat, this is indeed something that would be quite useful.