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Hey all. Just trying to see if it's possible to maybe set sonething up in my SW FFG game, where my players can roll their attack (blaster, lightsaber, etc) and it would play a pre-prepared sfx at the same time? Ie. Player Clicks to roll their attack with a blaster from their API char sheet. Is it possible to macro in a blaster sound that auto-plays when they click that attack?
Bast L.
API Scripter
Without attacher (like in the starfinder sheet), or a roll listener, you can try to use token actions. This old post of mine maybe explains it: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> For the sound effects, use whatever the command is for your sound script (in the post, the !Stormtrooper Blaster is my sound effect call). Also, since soundburst is gone, you'll probably have to upload the tracks yourself. I don't think EotE sheet has any kind of attacher, so you'll probably have to use the token action or roll listener method (roll listener would have to be written for the sheet, unless someone already has one).
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When I set up a game for my cousin to run I tweaked the sheets code to add a 'sound' attribute to the weapons and ship weapons section so that he could put things like 'light blaster', 'blaster' and 'saber' etc in there. This was back in the Fanburst days and he was able to add multiple sound effects and call them blaster 1, blaster 2 etc. THEN I tweaked the universal macros I'd written to put a Roll20AM call at the end that read the attribute and used that sound with a wonderful [[1dx]] at the end of it depending on how many effects he had found for each type, it resolved to blaster 2 for example and gave random sounds each time. Thinking about it now, all that will be totally broken when we return to that game from the current hiatus which will suck but the same principle would work with uploaded audio. It did take a little bit of work but was overall worth doing... as a custom sheet though you lose the ability to have the current updated version should anything change but depending on which version you base it on it shouldn't matter much.
Unfortunately, though I appreciate the advice from both of you, I'm just not any sort of scripter. Bast, after reading your post, I think I could manage that, however, I'm not sure how to make playing sfx via commands. Is that in the wiki somewhere?