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help creating the perfect Exalted 3rd Edition macro

so ive been tinkering with the macro system for a bit. but i cant seem to figure out how to set it up for the ruleset of exalted 3rd edition. so i figured id ask on here explaining what i need, and what i have already: what i have already is: /roll ?{Pool|0}d10>?{target number|7}sd + ?{extra successes|0} this lets my players input a pool, whatever that pool may be, compare it to a target number (also variable, because that may come up), sort the dice, and then add a variable number of successes as needed. what im trying to figure out on how to add to this macro is: how to set it up to reroll and drop a list of possible reroll and drop values (i.e. reroll and drop 1's and 2's, or drop only 1's, or drop only 2's or 5's) preferably from a dropdown menu. how to set it up to take say 10's and double the number of successes, or if the double 9's rule is active: double 9's and 10's etc. reroll but dont drop a value or set of values (i.e. reroll 8's adding the number of successes from those 8's to the roll) reroll and drop a value, but do this only once. i.e.: if i have it set to reroll and drop only once dice that appear as 1's then if the dice rerolls and it still ends up as a 1, then the dice roller doesnt try to reroll them. are any of these possible and what would i need to put in?
so update: i have this now  /roll (?{Dice Pool|0}d10>?{target number|7}sdr?{reroll and drop only 1 number if multiple, wait for next input|0}r<?{reroll and drops a number and anything below|0}cs>?{double x's (note roll 20 doesnt actually add the successes your going to have to add them manually)|10})+?{extra successes|0}-?{penalty successes|0} ?{what the hell roll is this?} only thing i havent figured out is how to set it up so that it will explode and reroll multiple values (i.e. 7's and 8's) without completely borking the current macro. may just have players do that manually.