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More than 1 character sheet template

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I would like to suggest we have more than 1 character sheet template (or similar customizable object) available at each game. This has the potential of improve a lot of game systems since many times we need to track more things than just the characters. ...for example, long home made campaign could benefit from a city-sheet in addition to player's character sheet; this city-sheet could hold good amount of organized data about each the cities visited during the campain, including the possibility of having random generators, list of important building and events, etc. These extra sheets would be customizable as the current chraracter sheet it (with the right subscription tier one would be able to make its own custom sheet).
75 views and only one "+1"... Maybe my suggestion was not that useful as I imagined. =]

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Andreas J.
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Don't debate the suggestion's merit, and don't discuss why it will or will not happen. That stifles conversation in the Suggestions Forum. This rule essentially restrict me from replying to this suggestion, and I'm probably not the only one. Maybe my suggestion was not that useful as I imagined. =] Most people don't have too many votes to share, and IIRC free users start with 0 or 1 vote, so this can well been seen by many who don't have a vote to spare. This suggestion could well be useful, but it doesn't have to correlate with how requested/wanted it is. Many technical/character sheet related suggestions doesn't gain too many votes. Workaround: As you're a Pro user, you could use the Tabs implementation to add a extra page to any character sheet you use in your game, and add info fields for the kind of info city-centric info you're looking for. There exist some character sheet that does contains "extra" space for that kind of info, but probably few if none with the breath you're looking for. If you manage to create a "City" info tab well, you could fairly easy apply it to some other sheet later after you managed to get the first implementation working. It's also quite possible there already exist near-identical suggestion, but with a different example. Pretty sure I've seen this been brought up a couple of times before(could be outside the Suggestion Forums, not sure)
Mark G.
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As another example, or set of examples, Pathfinder Adventure Paths have often introduced non-character Stat sheets specific to and needed for the campaign.  Jade Regent: Caravans Serpent's Skull: Expeditions Skull & Shackles: Pirate Ships/Fleets Kingmaker: Kingdom and Army sheets Hell's Rebels: Rebel Organization Ironfang Invasion: Militia force (rules elements explained in the Lands of Conflict supplement)  The Tabs work-around would likely be more suitable for Downtime tracking (from the Ultimate Campaign rulebook, which adds a new "page" for Downtime to the Character record/folio). 
This would be essential for a WoD game where the players have different character types (e.g Vampire or Mage).

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This would let me run D&D 5E, Pathfinder, or other "official" modules but use a more simple character sheet system for the Players. So the built-in monsters would still have all the nice stats and rolls and info from the Module.  But it could be running in a more basic or more old-school game system at the same time, or just a simplified Custom sheet based on the same game (for kids, or tailored for my house rules, or made especially for introducing new players).

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This would allow me to switch to a new and better supported sheet for my players and keep the old monster characters.  +1
Pathfinder: Ultimate Campaign would benefit from this, as it adds three different sheets that aren't characters (Kingdom sheet, Downtime Tracker sheet, Army sheet)
This would be good