LF Players for RuneQuest 6 (Glorantha) on Thursdays 6PM GMT

Listing Link We'll be playing RuneQuest 6 set in (what is essentially) Glorantha. Glorantha is, essentially, a late bronze age, early iron age fantasy setting. There're elves, trolls and dwarves, but they're a bit different to what you're expecting. It was one of the pioneers of this, changing the formula before people even wanted it changing. If you're unfamiliar with the setting, don't worry too much. I'll be putting up some help documents closer to the date. You are a group of Orlanthi driven out of Tarsh by the rising Lunar Empire. Almost half of your kinsmen decided to submit to the Lunars and, instead of committing the crime of kinslaying (amongst the worst of crimes to an Orlanthi), you have moved to Dragon Pass, an area notorious for its uninhabitability. The grass is green, your cows are healthy, but there are undead, beastmen and worse lurking around almost every corner. The only way to survive is through a combination of your Orlanthi stubbornness and pure dumb luck. Every player will be a Thane of the clan they are a part of, although some may be more newly raised than other's. You need to lead your clan to victory against the wildlife of Dragon Pass, and the other clans that have came here along with you. All players welcome, as long as you have Skype, a microphone and can speak English.
Come on, ladies and gents. It's RuneQuest. Everyone loves RuneQuest.

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I just came here from the Glorantha forums. I have extensive experience with RQ 1-3. Bought the books for the first Mongoose edition, but never did anything with them. I have never use Roll20.net before. But have play a lot of RPGs over Maptools with Ventrillo. Skype, microphone, and English are native to this gamer. Are all the players Orlanth worshippers or are allied religions allowed (Ernalda, Stormbull, Humakti, etc)?
Anything in the "Storm Tribe Pantheon" is allowed. Send me a PM or post something in the campaign listing if you're interested in joining. (Also, this was linked on the Glorantha forums? o.O)
Your post isn't, but one of the forum mods mentioned Roll20, so I just came over to see what it is all about. I travel a lot, so my gaming has to be remote, for the most part.
If you're interested, I can invite you to the game. Most of the other players are brand new to Glorantha, so be warned. :D
Up to the top you go, little post.
Well, tickle my Humakt's Banner and call me Babeester Gor, A RuneQuest game. By all the bronze in Heortland, I am in. MInd you, I've never played 6th edition, but I'll do my best to look up the rules ,as I hold the second edition of RuneQuest to be the be all end all of RuneQuest systems in general. So, if my Heorling allies would have me, I would add my klanth to your own and together would our arms be as mighty oaks and as fierce as the Storm Wind. (Can you tell I like Glorantha and RolePlaying? Because I do.)
I am getting up to speed on 6th Ed. They have action points now (decided by DEX+INT, 2 AP on average), no more sac'ing POW for spells, only get a number of skill up rolls depending on what the GM wants to hand out (more like traditional XPs), and prolly a lot more changes to be found.
Count me too as interested. I have glanced over most of the RQ6 rules, in particular combat. How long would the game run on Thursdays?
Probably five-six hours, so 23:00 to 24:00 GMT.
I certainly would be interested. Disclaimer, though, I work varying shifts so cannot guarantee weekly availability for the whole time. If working a late I get home around 21:45ish so would be joining the game around 22:00. There's always the possibility of a night shift too but they are unusual.
Yep. I'd definitely be in. Been running a Glorantha game myself over G+ hangouts using Legend (with increasing bits from RQ6) for over two years now and I have some odds and sods at my blog that might be useful ( http://expanduniver.blogspot.co.uk/) including a few cults written up for RQ6 including my own possiblt too idiosyncratic take on Orlanth, Issaries and Lhankhor Mhy. In fact I have run some sessions using G+ Hangouts will Roll20 as an app within it, works well, being able to see your players is a real help when running an online group. So dice up PCs now and mail you the sheets, or a character gen session to start? What next?
I'll be having you all roll in the week, just jumping on etc. I've also sent everyone who was interested an invite.
I am interested in joining up, could you perhaps give me some information on where the party is and what not?

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We made characters, did intros, discussed rules, and played a little (about 1 1/2 hours into the campaign, we are leading the remnants of our clan out of occupied Tarsh into Dragon Pass, currently on the edge of Delecti's marsh, negotiating with the River Ducks). Party includes the following worshippers: 1 Eurmal, 1 Humakti, 1 Odayla, & 1 Lhankor Mhy
Pretty much spot on. :D
Are you still looking for players? If so I'd be interested and available on Thursday afternoons.
I'm willing to take on. Post a message in the campaign forums.
I'm not sure I know which forums you mean.
Campaign Forum
Can't access it, tells me I'm not authorized. Obviously I'm logged into roll20 or I couldn't be posting this so do I perhaps need an invite to a special group to use that link?
Use the link at the top of the thread. At the bottom of that page is the application forum. :p