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Tokenmod for a order of the lycan bloodhunter

Hello everyone! As the title might suggest I have a player who plays a order of the lycan blood hunter. This subclass can in essence turn into a werewolf! I was wondering if I can somehow use something like TokenMod to create a double-sided token for him so he can switch between his two shapes freely and if so, how would I go about doing it? If there are any other options readily available I am definitely open for that!
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Hiya, do you have API access in the game? There is a script called: ChangeTokenImage in the script library that can do just what you want. And yes, TokenMod can do it as well. Macros below: TokenMod !token-mod {{--set ?{Choose Setting |Normal,currentside#1 |Werewolf,currentside#2 } }} ChangeTokenImage !change-token-img --flip Without the API it can still be done by hand. Just not by the player.
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Tokenmod is an API script. If you have access to it in your game you can use a command like this to show the second side of a rollable token: !token-mod --set currentside|2 If you put it into a token action button, you could set up a command that just flips between the two states: !token-mod --set currentside|+1 That command will wrap around to face 1 if it is already at face 2.
I don't have access to API scripts, but I don't really know how they work either.. I'm currently considering getting a pro subscription to have access to such things only because I've seen intelligent people use them to good effect in their games.
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You can give players access to multi sided tokens without the API.  The process is thus: Create a Rollable Table with each of the images you want for the token.  Be sure to make it in the order you want the images displayed, you can't reorder it later. Create a Token from that table Set it up like a regular token and add it as the default token for the character. Players can now drag that in just like normal, and can right click it and select Multi-Sided -> Choose Side.

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I will probably use this, it was very easy to set up. We'll see how it works out this tuesday :D Thank you Aaron!
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No worries!  The API is still pretty awesome, but it's nice to have a workable free option.  Honestly, this is the technique I use for my Imp familiar's myriad forms, including invisibility. =D  
Hey there thanks for the solutions. Is there a way to see the API Script- ChangeTokenImage method in action. Currently just i'm just a Plus member, dont have API access. And before i decide upgrading i would like to know if it can help with the following. I have tried  Aaron's suggestion; the rollable table token workaround method for a dummy human token ("Tony Ten") and his werewolf token form. I set up the rollable token as default for a dummy character page/sheet.  I'm curious as whether i would be able to improve one or two of my players life. I have a player who's character "Naythan Nine" is a lycanthrope and up to the moment (level 4), we've arranged two different character sheets- because of the different stats and attacks (largely based of druid's wildshape) , and therefore two tokens- a human and a werewolf that he or I manually slide on/off the battle map. It isnt difficult at all, and the rollable table is really easy to set up. I was wondering if the API Script will pull up or link the appropriate character token  with the bubble/stat bars and the character sheet. The rollable table token cant be set as the default token for several character sheets if the token bubbles for stats (like HP or AC) differ or fluctuate among the several sides of the rollable table token right? I also have a druid and if this method can benefit that players ability to change token i would use it for her as well.