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Script for 5e monster knowledge checks

Hi all. I know monster knowledge checks aren't really a thing in fifth edition, but my players liked the tactical aspect of it in 4E (one of my players had set up a script for this in maptool). So I was wondering if anyone has or could come up with a way to automate the disclosure of monster knowledge to players, based on the rolls. I'm thinking of something like four levels of knowledge (basic, intermediate, advanced, elite). For example, basic gives you a physical description in size, while intermediate gets you resistances and immunities and so forth, advanced gives you skills and saving throws, and elite gives you the full monster sheet. Would it be possible to automate this in a script or series of scripts? For example, a player makes a roll and a new monster handout is created and made available to the players, containing only the information they know.
KS Backer
Hi Ray, The Check it Out script by Stehpen Lindberg (available in the script library) have some of the functionality you want. Such as you can get better results from an object depending on how well you rolled. I use it for clues and other stuff but it can probably be used for monster knowledge as well. You will need to put all the information and difficulty in by hand though so it might be a pain in the butt to do for every monster. Also, there will be no handout created.
Thanks for the advice, Ravenknight! I already use Check It Out, but really I'm looking to automate this stuff. So I will likely just manually input monster info, likely into a "bestiary" handout, until/unless they find out everything about the monster, at which point I can just make the monster available to all players.