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Allow Players to Edit their own Tokens

Score + 21
Can you please make it so players or GMs have the ability to turn on a feature that allows players to upload and edit their own tokens connected to their character sheet?  This would be a great feature for many GMs and Players who have more free time.  It is hard to constantly tell my GM to update my token for me but if I could do it just myself it would be amazing and save him and I am guessing everyone a bunch of time.  Not advanced features, just basic.
This has bothered me too! I was thrilled, both as a GM and player, when we switched over to allowing players to upload their own character portraits a few years back. It saves my upload space, and it's so much easier than having my players need to pester me every time they want to update their art. I would love it if we could do the same thing with default tokens for the same reasons.
Please +1
I love this idea as well. This is a very basic function which is used across a wide variety of games. So of course, there'a already a topic for it.
Agreed. Allowing players to edit their tokens...Adjust size... Delete...  Add auras etc. Helps out the DM/GM. 
Definitely would love to have this, at the very least as a setting in the game, so those that want it can have it.