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"Building NPC" Forever


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Using the Pathfinder 2 Beastiary, if I pull in a new NPC from the Beastiary, it just says "Building NPC" forever on its character sheet. The HP bar also acts weird. Fortunate that I had prepped 90% of my NPCs in advance, cos otherwise this would be the third time in a five session game that roll20 had made it near impossible to utilize the tools we paid for.  Edit: I can see that the NPC is already statted "Behind" the "Building NPC" sign. So I guess it just can't figure out how to remove that sign?
Roll20 Team
Hi Dawnwalker, Hmmm, very strange - our sincerest apologies for that trouble! Is this happening with every Bestiary entry? Or is it only certain entries? Also, would you mind providing me with the exact name or a link to the game in question, please? I'll take a look to see what I can find.
This is also happening with my game as well although I am using the pathfinder first edition sheet and it seems to be doing it with all of the bestiary entries (although for me it seems not to have the npc statted behind the sign). 
Roll20 Team
Hey all -  If you are still running into problems, for troubleshooting purposes, would you mind flipping the default sheet setting from PC to NPC and back and letting me know the results, please? If you are unsure of how to do this, you can follow the below directions: Go to your game's landing page Click on the Settings button and select the Game Settings  link Go to the  Default Sheet Settings  section Change the PC or NPC  dropdown to NPC and hit Save Changes Change that same dropdown back to PC again and hit Save Changes   Retest the issue in-game