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i want to create my own character sheet

Hi everyone, well, the title says all i want, i don't know too much using macros and tokens, but i use a program called, NBOS character sheet designer and i make one that i want to use on roll20 website, i don't know if i can upload it or create it here, i need answers, PLEASE HELP!!!! (the format on my character sheet is .csd)
Roll20 character sheets are created with HTML/CSS & JavaScript, so whatever you have created would be unlikely to be of much help, as you would need to make many Roll20-specific change anyway. Building Character Sheets is the article you want to read if you want to create a Roll20 character sheet. Note that it's only available for Pro subscribers.
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There's no way to import a sheet from any other program, you have to build it from scratch. Roll20 also isnt as user-friendly as NBOS's designer - you'll have to get your hands dirty learning how to do coding in HTML and CSS (and maybe some Javascript). There are a lot of sheets already built. You can check them out by making a new campaign, and selecting one sheet after another, looking at thier pics. The best way would be to find one that looks similar to what you want, and then ask here for help on modifying it. Or post a request in the Sheet Request thread to see if anyone will build your sheet for you. it would be best to post a pic of your current NBOS sheet, and describe what sort of functionality you need. This is a long-shot. There are many more requests than there are designers, and sheets take a lot of work.  If you do want to make your own sheet, you'll need to buy a Pro subscription. You cant create or edit sheets without it. As a last resort, if you want to play a game for which there is no sheet, you can play without a sheet. The Attributes and Abilities tab in each character can be set up to hold stats and dice rolls. It's not pretty, but it's what we all had to use before the Character Sheets feature was introduced. 
omg... we play without a sheet, but its not preety as you say... well, thanks a lot for answer me and sorry if its a RE-Question, im sure a lot of people ask the same as me...
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What game it is for?
its of my invention, something new with my own commads and rolls, i search of existing character sheets of roll20, but anyone work fine ^^'
Master S. said: its of my invention, something new with my own commads and rolls, i search of existing character sheets of roll20, but anyone work fine ^^' Have you checked sheet for systems this game was inspired by? What is the system it mostly closely resemble? If you can describe the game, we might know a good candidate you can start with.