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Adding Python to Supported API languages

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It has gone over 4 years since this came out and python has become more popular since then. So I give it a shot and see if people agree that other languages should work in the API like python.
Isn't Python mainly a backend language? I haven't used it in a long while so I might have it wrong...
Support for multiple languages sounds very costly for a feature that is only used by a very small amount of people? Look at&nbsp; &nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> &nbsp;and its clear how little the amount of people is that actively write and share api scripts.
Apart from all the problems: Is it anything you you can do with python that is either impossible or complicated to do with js?
Not everyone learns to code with javascript. There is some solutions that can be used with phyton.&nbsp;
Sheet Author
From what I have read, python isn't generally compatible with web browsers and needs some sort of javascript conversion to work with browsers.&nbsp; Has this changed?
The API sandbox runs on a Roll20 server and not on the browser.&nbsp; Javascript has the advantage that it is the same language as used by browser and Roll20 self.&nbsp; Making a python sandbox is prohibitive expensive (extra dev, test, maintenance) and opens an enormous can of worms.