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Play music on page load

I could swear it used to work like this, but anyhow I am wondering if I can make the music player start playing right when the page loads, rather than when the players get loaded. For instance when a player logs in to the game, music starts playing.  Because right now I hafta drag the player flag onto the Intro page to get music to start playing.
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Hey TiaMaster -  So, in general, the Play on Load  option within a page's settings menu is based on use of the Players flag. However, would you mind further describing what you are trying to achieve or how you want this to work in your game? Perhaps myself or the community can provide a solution or workaround based on what you describe.
Sure. I want to be able to have music playing right when a players loads into the game. Right now when they log in there is no music playing even with PLay on Load.  I have to wait for all players to join, then move the player Flag off of that page, then back onto it again to start the music.
hi tia to do this just have a landing page that is a map , and set the player tab to that page before and after every session , also set every map to have music on start hope that helps !
Yeah thats what I mean - I already do this. My intro page still does not start music until i specifically move the players then move them back on to the intro page.
There is supposedly a new post here but I am not seeing it. In my Topics I Follow page it shows  Rabulias having the latest post but its not here for me.
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I believe it does that if someone makes a post and then deletes it.
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This can lead to paranoia and accusations, but is almost certainly due to someone changing their mind or realizing they have posted in error. :D

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I deleted my post when I realized I had misread your last post, TiaMaster. Sorry for any confusion.