Greetings! Today we pushed an update for Pro users:&nbsp;the&nbsp; Custom Sheet Sandbox ! This is a tool for sheet creators to make it faster and easier to write character sheets, either for custom use in their games, or for&nbsp; submitting as a community sheet to the github repo . More information on&nbsp; getting started with Github &nbsp;is available on the wiki. With this sandbox, you can also &nbsp;test out your sheet.json files&nbsp;before submitting them to the github repo. We have also implemented&nbsp; support for Google Fonts &nbsp;in&nbsp; character sheets and roll templates. These enhancements make it easier for our sheet authors and Pro users to make the character sheets they really want, a lot faster than previously. We've been using this tool in-house for over 3 months, and it results in a 30% decrease in the amount of time it takes to make changes to character sheets, overall. What is It? The Custom Sheet Sandbox is exactly that-- a trimmed-down "sand box" for you to pla y in when creating custom sheets.&nbsp; Please Note : You will need to store your custom sheet HTML, CSS, and translation.json files to your hard drive&nbsp; in order to use this feature. Many character sheet developers use code editors like Notepad++ or Visual Studio Code to edit these files. Custom Sheet Sandbox games have the following limitations: You are the only player who can access the sandbox. You can't invite others into your sandbox game. There is only one page in the game, and there is no way to create additional pages. There is no Video or Voice chat&nbsp;in the game. You can only have 15 Custom Sheet Sandboxes at any given time. This is a&nbsp; Pro &nbsp;subscriber feature only. The sandbox cannot be made to remember the location of your file or working folder; that's a security limitation on your web browser, and not something Roll20 can change. How Do I Use It? As a Pro user you will notice a new button called "Custom Sheet Sandbox" at the top of the home page once logged in. Additionally you will see a similar button (shown below) in the "My Games" section. Click the Create New Game button. You'll get a new sandbox game. You can launch the game right away, or paste in your sheet.json file if you already have it ready. Once in the game, you'll see there's a floating box with buttons to upload HTML, CSS, and translation files. Clicking any of these opens a dialog box to upload the relevant file from your hard drive. As soon as the file finishes uploading, all characters in the game will be updated to the new source file.&nbsp; You no longer need to reload the whole VTT to see changes. If you have your game settings page open in a second browser window, you can upload a new sheet.json file in that window and, from inside the VTT, you can click "Reload Sheet Default Settings" to have that sheet.json file update,&nbsp; again without reloading . Do API Scripts Work? The Custom Game Sandbox does include support for API scripts. Please note, however, that API scripts that interact with elements of the VTT that are disabled (such as other players, pages, etc.) won't work in these games. However, there is an API sandbox for the game, so you can test out sheet-affecting APIs before using or releasing your sheet. Did You Say Google Fonts?!? We didn't mean to bury the lede, but yes! Google Fonts are now supported in custom and community sheets!&nbsp; You can call a Google Font in your CSS using the @import function: @import url(' <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Sigmar+One &amp;display=swap'); You can then call the font from inside your CSS with the font-family attribute: font-family: 'Sigmar One'; To call more than one Google Font for your sheet, separate them with a | symbol: @import url(' <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Sigmar+One|Sriracha &amp;display=swap'); Supporting Google Fonts and other external font sources is&nbsp; a popular suggestion &nbsp;in the Suggestions Forum, and we're glad to make it an option with this update! For licensing reasons, this is limited to Google Fonts, available at&nbsp; . Feedback Wanted! This was on the Dev server for testing for 2 weeks before release, but if you find any bugs or enhancement requests that weren't covered during that time, please post them over on the official bug thread . Licensed Products Lost Mine of Phandelver Patch 1.8 Default tokens updated for all characters in "Updated Player Characters (PCs)" folder Eberron: Rising from the Last War Patch 1.2 Added player art handout for Dyrrn in the Eberron Lore section. Curse of Strahd Patch 1.7 Corrected typos throughout the text handouts. Updated creature stat blocks that were left in edit mode. Added spell links throughout the text handouts . 5e Compendium Updates Typo fixed in Handy Haversack (SRD) Lightning Arrow updated with correct spellcaster class (PHB) Typo fixed in Eldritch Smite Warlock ability (XGE) Check it Out The most recent community roundtable was Thursday, February 6 . &nbsp; Catch the video&nbsp; here ! Looking for previous release notes? Read the&nbsp; full list on the helpdesk , or check out the&nbsp; most recent note &nbsp;here.