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Please, please please, give us a search box scoped to a game's forums. For those of us who do PBP (or just have busy forums) it is almost impossible to find a particular post buried in hundreds of others. This should be low hanging fruit since search is implemented for other forums on the site!
YES, PLEASE! Do this I can't tell you how many times I've come on here to find that I'm buried in messages and no way to sort them into the relative group so please do this for us... Pretty please with sugar and a cherry on top... :-)

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For Roll20 to remain relevant in a highly competitive marketplace this is an easy  Must Have .
Agreed! I would love to be able to make use of the forums here more. The lack of search function (and clunky mobile interface) are the main deterrents. 
I vote for this as well.i suggested that they add a pbp searchable term a while back but did not hear anything.
This would be useful