Hey everyone! I'm creating an ambitious custom character sheet for my campaign and I'm a bit stuck on something, perhaps one of you are familiar with the issue and has a work-around? The problem I'm having is that I'm using Power Cards to make a lot of conditional stuff (Like rolling an attack and checking against a value, only outputting text if the value is higher, etc.) And this works wonderfully, but I noticed that there was a way to make a call to custom api using api_ (api command) and while this seems to work as well, it converts all underlines, for instance  @{selected|token_id} becomes  @{selected|token--id}  and doesn't parse well with other scripts. Is there a workaround for this? I saw that the tokenmod had an optional parameter you could turn on to make it parse --ids, would it be possibly to copy that part of the code into other scripts perhaps? Or is it likely hardcoded and integral to the script, and not easily extractable?