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Search won't bring up my purchased content


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EDIT: I realized just now that it brings up searches from my spell effects purchases but nothing else.  Nothing else under purchased content/freebies/etc EDIT2: After looking through the forums, it seems this issue has persisted on and off for nearly 6 months.  That seems quit ridiculous.  This seems like a vital feature of the roll20 gametable being a usable tool.  Please advise asap what's going on and if this has been resolved. I saw a thread on this from back in July saying it was fixed in August.  It's not working for me and very frustrating.  I have, for example, a "dog" pog in my free content.  I can find this manually and move it onto the map.  However, when I search "dog," nothing comes up.  I have a lot of purchased content as well that doesn't show up in the search.  Please advise asap.
Roll20 Team
Hey Matt P. -  When searching for this content, have you already tried adjusting the dropdown above the search bar to the "Everything" category? If so, were the results the same? 
Also the same for me- and yes, I have adjusted the dropdown tag to everything.
Yes, I've tried changing to everything.  There seems to be no rhyme or reason to how it searches.  It can't find anything at all in any of my free or purchased content for the most part.   THIS IS A KEY FEATURE OF THIS ENTIRE PRODUCT.  I'D LIKE TO KNOW WHY IT'S NOT WORKING AND WHAT THE RESOLUTION IS.

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I am having the same problem. As long as i do not enter anything in the search bar, i am able to manually sift through my marketplace purchases and use the tokens. As soon as i enter a search term however, all my purchased assets are no longer shown in the results. As you can see the search is set to 'everything', so there should not be any reason for my purchases to not show up. This is rather frustrating and currently leading to me not buying any more assets since i would not be able to use them without a ridiculous amount of unnecessary searching on my part. Edit: The problem is the same on Chrome and Firefox
Schwip has explained the problem I am having perfectly!
Agreed - I'm also experiencing the exact same behavior as Shawn and Schwip.
I am also having this issue.  Thank you for any help.